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Back on February 21st in a post title “Not enough cyclists killed to count“, we passed along a request to take action in asking Secretary LaHood at USDOT to include bicycles and their users in developing safety goals and performanceRead More



A recent post on provided an interactive map of US bike commuting activity.  It’s worth a few minutes of your time to take a quick look.  A few things to note: Date is based on the 2011 census numbersRead More



The House Committee on Municipal Government will be hearing testimony regarding a Complete Streets bill (H7352).  This legislation would update the existing state law to more solidly define complete streets and require reporting from RIDOT to elected officials.  The committeeRead More



Hopefully everyone in our biking community is “riding” out the storm okay.  We’ve had a couple of inquiries about the status of the various bike paths around the state and I we should open up the question to the entireRead More



RIDOT announced this week that another round of video surveying will be conducted on 4 of the state’s bike paths the week of June 6th.  Similar to last years surveying on the East Bay Bike Path, while the path isRead More