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On its last day the General Assembly approved “safe passing” bills H7243A (sponsor: Gemma) and S2706A (Connors) which the Governor has allowed to become law without his signature. Al Gemma took the leadership to get something passed and so itRead More



The Warwick City Council met back on October 20th to vote on whether or not to pass a resolution requiring motorists to give cyclists a reasonable amount of room when passing.  The resolution passed unanimously!  I managed to get myRead More



In 2010  the state legislature passed a safe passing law for passing people on bicycles called Frank’s Law.  We were further cheered in 2012 with a revision to the Complete Streets statute. We have been unsuccessful in having the state adopt aRead More



S2214, (sponsor Sosnowski) the bill that ups penalties if a motorist not taking due care injures or kills a bicyclist or other vulnerable road user, is up for a hearing Tues April 24 at the Senate Judiciary Committee, Room 313,Read More



Representative Joseph M. McNamara has introduced H5096, which is intended to amend section 31-18-8. Due care by drivers to include: In addition, the driver of a vehicle overtaking a bicycle or other human-powered vehicle must pass the bicycle or otherRead More



If you’ve been following this blog for a while, then you’ve read about the work Lori DiBiasio has done in promoting Frank’s Law.  We just received word that the RI General Assembly now has official designated this H5074 for consideration. Read More



If  you didn’t join us last night for our advocacy meeting, you missed out on a great meeting!  We had a lively discussion about the proposed three-foot legislation and whether or not it would help cyclists in any way.  ThoseRead More



Just weeks before Frank’s Ride is due to roll out, we get word that the driver responsible for another senseless death will not be facing criminal charges.  According to the Projo article: A Westerly woman who struck and killed aRead More