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Back to Basics

I had the misfortune of needing to commute by car a number of times last week.  Having forgotten how much I detest sitting in traffic, I again questioned why anyone would choose to do this!

It was a joy to be back on my bike this morning.  Officially, I was leading one of the PBC Monday bike trains, so I had an excuse to just ride easy, take some time to enjoy the scenery, take in the waterfowl, observe the goslings, and admire other sights along the way.  Suddenly, I came to a realization that over time I had turned my bike commute into something resembling an automotive commute.  On a daily basis, my focus had become to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible.  While I certainly enjoyed riding my bike more than sitting in a car, I had completely forgotten about on of the best parts of bike commuting, the journey!

You can be sure I won’t be speeding along for some time to come.  Rather I’m going to sit back, take an extra 10 minutes to commute, and just enjoy myself.

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  • Alan Barta
    Jun 16, 2009 at 3:20 am


    Driving is sold on IMPATIENCE to teens busting out, much like tobacco was sold to improve their health. Advertising lies. More people die from both than anything else. Bicycling detoxifies road ragers.

    Speed in cycling should be a reserve. Bike fit, carbon components, and skinny/slick tires do usher you along quicker when you need to outrun that rottie. But, in the city (with leash laws), I use my reliable "tank" hybrid outfitted with bomb proof wheels and kevlar tires. You need a bike that sits upright with straight bars to be seen, see, and stay in control. Mountain bikes are great for that, and build stamina for those long centuries in the country. Imperative to avoid flats in the city and on commutes, although at least one shop fixes while you wait.

    You don't need a fugly to avoid theft, just a 6' cable with a sturdy lock in the messenger bag; goes around frame and most posts, and through wheels. Never leave my road bike unattended… too much invested.