RIDOT Begins Maintenance on East Bay Bike Path



RIDOT Begins Maintenance on East Bay Bike Path

Starting this past Tuesday,  I noticed RIDOT crews out working on replacing the decking along the two wooden bridges near the Barrington/Warren town lines.  Later, I noticed an announcement on the RIDOT website:

Cyclists along the path from Providence to Bristol already may have encountered construction work on the path. The $350,000 project will involve repairs at various locations, but the bulk of the work will take place in the Warren-Barrington area. The path will remain open throughout the project, although temporary closures may be needed due to construction – especially during weekdays. Cyclists and other path users are urged to exercise caution when using the path during this project.

The crews were just setting up when I’ve been riding into work and were long gone by the time I made it home.  The replacement decking isn’t bad to ride over, certainly no worse than dealing with the old road signs used to patch holes in the bridge for the past year or more.