Moving to Providence



Moving to Providence

We received the following inquiry via our contact page:

I am relocating to Providence. I currently commute to work by bike 30 miles round trip. I need help in identifying neighborhoods that have good commuter routes to Risho St in East Prov. Any good area under a 15 mile ride is open. Your assistance in helping me locate where to start shopping will be appreciated.


I’m sure there are many varying opinions on this request, so let’s hear what you have to say.  If you have a suggestion for Scott, just post a comment.


  • Feb 4, 2009 at 6:56 am

    I think one needs more information when recommending a neighborhood to someone. All neighborhoods in Providence are within 15 miles of Risho St. 🙂

    What else are you looking for in a neighborhood?

    I know it's a lot to digest, but check out the Moving to Providence thread on Urban Planet:


  • Feb 4, 2009 at 7:04 am


    Let me be one of the first to send greetings from Rhode Island. We love it when another active cyclist moves to the area and would encourage you to join us at our monthly advocacy meetings once you arrive on scene.

    As to your question…

    I'm going under the assumption that you meant Risho Ave, as I couldn't find a Risho St on a map. Are you looking to live in the city or burbs? If the city, then there are others who will be a better resource for you. If the burbs, then I can lend a hand. I live in Bristol, which is a few towns South of East Providence. Getting between Bristol (Warren and Barrington for that matter as well) and East Providence is one of the easiest rides you will find in the state. There is a great bike trail that takes you all the way in the East Providence. The don't plow it in the winter, so travel right now is a bit tough. It's a great ride in the early Spring, late Fall, and morning commutes, but gets a bit congested in the nicer weather. If you want to ride strictly on the roads up to East Prov. then this may not be the most ideal spot. My commute takes me up to Providence, but when I ride the roads I head farther East and travel through Mass. to get more bike friendly roads.


  • Feb 4, 2009 at 7:16 am

    Hi Scott

    Good luck with your move.

    Unable to find Risho St, but there is apparently a Risho Ave in E Providence near the Mass line. That's only 5 miles from downtown Providence, so you'll have many good neighborhoods to choose from, and not just in the city. My suggestion is to simply explore the neighborhoods of Providence, East Providence, northern Cranston, and Pawtucket, knowing that none of them are more than 15 miles from your workplace.

    And once you're here, be sure to stop by a Providence Bicycle Coalition meeting so that we can give you a proper welcome !

  • Mike McKeown
    Feb 6, 2009 at 8:37 am

    Risho Ave is somewhat problematic, but looks doable.

    Coming from Providence or from Barrington, Warren, and Bristol, take the East Bay bike path to the spot on Vets Memorial Park way were the bike path drops down to the bay (from the North), or climbs up from the bay (from the South). Go south on Vets Parkway until the Y intersection with South Broadway . Go north on S. Broadway or south until you hit the first street on the east (Martin or Interlocken) (See the map for specifics). Then work east until you meet up with Pawtucket Ave. Follow P'tucket Ave until it meets Wampanoag Trail (gas station on the corner). Take this and go over the overpass. Turn at left at Amaral and then left at Risho.

    Note that RT 114/ East Shore Expressway has restricted access such that about the only place to easily go north and return south involves the Wampanoag overpass. It is freeway north of this overpass, so one cannot approach or or leave on the East Shore Exp. north of the overpass.

    Mass. is close, and there are some nice areas with good biking, but the approach to Risho from that side looks as if it would expose you to some heavy traffic during commute time on some sections without much bike space.

  • Mike
    Mar 4, 2009 at 9:27 am

    Neighborhoods affording access to the East Bay Bike path are a great place to start. I commute from Barrington, and once the snow clears it's a great low stress ride aside from kamikazee squirrels and ipod toting rollerbladers. From the path's start in Bristol to the end in Providence is ~14miles. Winter commuting with any snow is tough- relegated to the roads. This winter from Jan – today 3/4, I've been able to ride the path clear of ice for only 1 week or so. In such cases, it is easier to head through MA to reach Providence. I moved to RI 2 yrs ago, and find there is a great difference b/w towns here. Definitely explore a bit before you set your sights.

    Best of luck-