STIP Major Amendment #11



STIP Major Amendment #11

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Statewide Transportation Improvement Program Major Amendment 11, a proposal put forth by the Rhode Island Department of Transportation, will cut $26.52 million from the RI Transportation Alternatives program, the main source of funds for many bicycle, pedestrian, ADA, and environmental projects. These changes include eliminating many bike/ped projects as well as cutting or rescheduling numerous others.

Update: RIDOT has withdrawn the amendment.

Thank You for voicing your opposition to STIP Major Amendment 11. RIDOT has withdrawn the amendment that included $27 million in bike/ped funding cuts from the Transportation Alternatives budget.

RIDOT has asked for time to integrate an additional $70 million of funding RI recently received. They will be proposing another amendment in the coming weeks. We are hopeful that the new amendment will keep our bike/ped funding in place. If you would like to be notified about when the new amendment is released, you can sign-up for RI Bike’s Newsletter, Cycle Tracks, and/or join our Advocacy Google Group, which is free for anyone to join.

Thank you and be sure to check back in the near future for an update on RIDOT’s new amendment.

Please also consider attending the Transportation Advisory Committee Meeting on February 28 at 5:30 PM, One Capitol Hill, 2nd Floor, Conference Room A, Providence, to make public comment in support of funding bicycle & pedestrian infrastructure.


List of Affected Projects

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The following projects are affected by the proposal. Each project’s TIP ID and cost (M denotes Million) is listed next to the project title and location with details about the project and proposed changes below. Note that some projects are being advanced to address critical needs, including the East Bay Bike Path bridge in Barrington which needs to be repaired (it is currently closed to all traffic):

Bike & Bike/Ped Projects

The projects listed here are bicycle projects, combination bicycle-pedestrian infrastructure projects, and other projects that include bicycle infrastructure improvements and enhancements.

The total number of bicycle infrastructure miles proposed to be cut in this section is 31.6 miles

Providence Bicycle Infrastructure, Providence, #5199, $1.8M
Design and construction of approximately 20 miles of on road bicycle lanes, shared lane markings, bicycle boxes, bicycle signal loops, bicycle racks and other related bicycle infrastructure in the city of Providence. This project is being eliminated. RIDOT requests this project be re-submitted in the future for revaluation.
Trestle Trail – West Section – Paving, Coventry, #9002, $5.50M
Paving of a ~5 mile multi-use path from Log Bridge Road, Coventry, to Connecticut state line. Trestle Trail is a multi-use path that features two trails running side by side: a paved path and an unpaved equestrian trail alongside. This project is being eliminated. Stakeholders consulted by RIDOT stated “trail is for horses and doesn’t need to be paved.”
Ten Mile River Greenway Extension, East Providence, #5045, $2.50M
Bicycle/pedestrian path to follow city-owned right-of-way along Turner Reservoir, completing the remaining segments of the Ten Mile River Bikeway. This project would extend the Ten Mile River Greenway by 1.8 miles in East Providence. This project is being eliminated. RIDOT states that the project is outside the city-owned right-of-way.
East Main Road Shared Use Path, Middletown/Portsmouth, #9005, $3.0M
This project would create a 2 mile shared-use path for pedestrians and bicyclists within the East Main Road corridor, from Turnpike Road to Hedley Street. This project is being eliminated.
Aquidneck Island Bikeway – Melville, Portsmouth, #5161, $2.16M
This project would create a 1.6 mile shared-use bicycle pedestrian facility linking West Main road at Old West Main Road to Burma Road at Stringham Road in Portsmouth. This project is being eliminated.
Mount Hope Bay Bicycle Improvements, Portsmouth, #5162, $160,000
This project would provide for safety improvements and signage to Anthony Road and Boyd’s Lane in Portsmouth, and to the Mt. Hope Bridge to better accommodate and improve safety for bicyclists. The project would add 1.5 miles to Rhode Island’s bicycle infrastructure network. This project is being eliminated.
Downtown Providence Pedestrian Wayfinding Project, Providence, #5200, $50,000
This project would add 100 20″ x 36″ signs to be installed on existing light poles to help people find their way through the streets of Providence. This project is being eliminated.
NBT/WRG Woonasquatucket G.W., Providence, #5178, $5.51M
This project would create a higher quality extension of the Woonasquatucket River Greenway bike path to connect Downtown to Olneyville Square and the west side of the city. This project is being cut by $4.51M and merged into the Viaduct Project.
William C. O’Neil Bike Path Extension, Narragansett, #5089, $8.43M
This 0.9 mile project would connect the South County Bike Path to the beaches in Narragansett, giving residents a safe way to access the beach. This project is being cut by $7.15M to $1.28M and being delayed, shifting the bulk of construction for the path from 2018-2023 to 2025. RIDOT reasoning for this cut is that the “current scope reflects going through an environmentally sensitive area” and recommends changing the route to reduce costs.
Washington Secondary Bike Path, Cranston/Providence, #5215, $1.71M
This project includes the study, design and construction of an approx 1-mile off-road multi-use trail to connect Olneyville Square to terminus of Trail in Cranston. Extension of the Washington Secondary Bike Path will be considered as part of the 6/10 Connector projectThis project is being delayed two years to 2024.
Blackstone River Bikeway Segment 3A-2, Pawtucket, #9013, $7.00M
The suggested (on-road and off-road) route would have it follow the river as closely as possibly pass through the Tolman High School property, along Front St., behind a condo complex, along a newly constructed wall on the river bank, across Roosevelt Ave., behind Pawtucket Housing Development land, under the Amtrack RR bridge to a point of a future crossing. This project is being delayed one year to 2024.
Kennedy Plaza, Providence, #1460, $2.70M
The project will include improvements necessary to consolidate bus service in Kennedy Plaza and conduct associated improvements to the streets and spaces within and surrounding the Plaza, including some bicycle infrastructure. This project is being delayed one year to 2019.
City Walk Ped/Bike Enhancement, Providence, #5183, $1.38M
This project includes pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure, streetscape improvements and signage to connect 8 Providence neighborhoods from Roger Williams Park on the southwest through Downtown to India Point Park on the east. This project is being delayed to 2021.
Important Note: While it appears that City Walk is receiving a funding increase 2021, the funds shown in the Amendment are funds programmed in a prior year which is not shown in the amendment.
East Bay Bike Path/Warren Bike Path, Warren, #5271, $2.00M
This project would perform a feasibility study for a 0.5 mile section of path within the former Warren/Fall River Railroad right of way connecting to the Warren Bike Path. This project is being delayed one year to 2023 through 2025.
Blackstone River Bikeway Segment 8A, Woonsocket, #5293, $4.04M
This project is an off-road bicycle/pedestrian path from Division St. to Truman Dr. in Woonsocket. The project includes a major river crossing. This project is being delayed by one year from 2019 to 2020.
Blackstone River Bikeway Segment 8B-2
This project consists of a combination of on-road and off-road bikeway. From Market St to Cold Spring Park in Woonsocket. This project is being delayed four years to 2023.
Main Street Improvements, Woonsocket, #5309, $5.00M
This project includes repaving sidewalks, elongated bump out for pedestrian crossings, lighting improvements, new crosswalks, ADA ramps, bike parking facilities, shared lane markings, signage, street trees, creation of roundabouts, and bike/ped connections to the river in Woonsocket. There are no significant changes to this project.
Sandy Bottom Road Streetscape, Coventry, #5018, $1.25M
This project includes installing sidewalks and curbing on both sides of the road, landscape areas and adding lighting for pedestrians and traffic, improving street conditions and new pavement, adding bike route/paths, and installing park benches and other foot amenities. This project is being delayed one year to 2027.
Slater Mill Phase II, Pawtucket, #5155, $0.75M
Project includes sidewalk widening, bike infrastructure, parking lot, and lighting in front of Slater Mill. This project is being delayed one year to 2019
Blackstone River Bikeway Segment 8B-1, Woonsocket, #5318, $2.45M
This project involves constructing an off-road bikeway along Truman Dr. and into Market Square in Woonsocket. The project’s schedule has been updated to reflect current progress from 2018-2019 to be completely included in 2018.
East Bay Bike Path Bridge Replacement, Barrington, #5005, $20.80M
Project to replace the East Bay Bike Path bridge in Barrington. This project is being moved forward. Originally scheduled to begin in 2022, deteriorating conditions of the bridge necessitate advancing it’s schedule. An additional $10.40M is being added to the project, bringing the total cost to $20.80M. Construction is proposed to begin in 2019.

Safe Routes to School Infrastructure Projects

Safe Routes to School Infrastructure projects are projects that are designed to make it safer for children to walk to school through improvements to sidewalks, crossings, signage, etc.

Barrington Middle School, Barrington, #5001, $340,000
This project has been rescheduled to 2018 and marked as “project closeout”.
Primrose Elementary School, Barrington, #5002, $380,000
This project has been rescheduled to 2018 and marked as “project closeout”.
Western Hills Middle School, Cranston, #5021, $390,000
This project has been rescheduled to 2018 and marked as “project closeout”.
Kent Heights Elementary School, East Providence, #5039, $260,000
This project has been rescheduled to 2018 and marked as “project closeout”.
Myron Francis Elementary School, East Providence, #5040, $140,000
This project has been rescheduled to 2018 and marked as “project closeout”.
Improvements for State Street Elementary School, Westerly, #5285, $700,000
This project is being eliminated. Project is being eliminated because town “refused impervious sidewalk required by stormwater consent decree.”
Improvements for Citizens and Pothier Elementary Schools, Woonsocket, #5294, $320,000
This project is being increased by $10,000.
Narragansett Pier Middle School, Narragansett, #5088, $640,000
This project has been rescheduled to 2019.
Bedlow Avenue/Hillside Avenue – Sidewalks, Newport, #5109, $230,00
No changes are proposed for this project.
Improvements for Gallagher Middle and McCabe Elementary Schools, Smithfield, #5224, $340,000
This project’s schedule has been moved forward to begin in 2018. 
Improvements for Hugh Cole Elementary & Kickemuit Middle School, Warren, #5267, $1.36M
This project’s schedule has been moved to 2019. 

Sidewalks/ADA Improvements

These are projects that would add or improve sidewalks, including ADA accommodations, throughout Rhode Island.

Farewell Street Pavement Preservation and Sidewalk Improvements, Newport, #5106, $1.20M
Pavement preservation, new granite curbing, ADA sidewalk improvements. This project is being moved up to 2025 (originally scheduled in 2026.)
West Side Road – Sidewalks, New Shoreham, #5096, $1.22M
New sidewalks along West Side Rd. This project is being delayed one year to 2019 & 2020.
Corn Neck Road – Sidewalks, New Shoreham, #5097, $1.15M
 This project adds sidewalks to Corn Neck Rd. This project is being delayed one year to 2027.
Post Road – Curbing and Sidewalks, North Kingstown, #5120, $2.00M
This project include installing sidewalks on both sides of Post Road. The project is being coordinated with the West Main Street sidewalk work. This project is being delayed three years to 2022 & 2024.
Sidewalks on Route 102 (Home Depot – Wickford Junction), North Kingstown, #5127, $440,000
This project includes installation of Sidewalks along northern side of Route 102. This project is being delayed one year to 2027.
Sprague Street Sidewalks, Portsmouth, #5166, $780,000
New sidewalk on north side of Sprague Street from East Main Road to Bristol Ferry Road and on both sides of Sprague Street from Education Lane to East Main Road. This project is being delayed nine (9) years to 2027. 
Waterplace and Riverwalk Repairs and Walkway, Providence, #5202, $4.05M
 Improvements to address the pedestrian infrastructure deterioration along the length of Waterplace Park; create ADA accessibility and improvement of pedestrian uses. This project is being delayed four years to 2026 & 2027.
Old County Road Sidewalk, Smithfield, #5229, $710,000
Project would entail removing and disposing existing asphalt sidewalks and installing pre-cast concrete curbing, minor drainage structure modification and new poured in place concrete sidewalks. Project limit is approximately 5,000-ft. This project is being delayed one year to 2027.
East Main Road Sidewalks, Portsmouth, #5164, $2.00M
This project would add ADA compliant sidewalks on East Main Road from Turnpike Avenue to Boyd’s Lane. This project is being eliminated.
Purgatory Road Sidewalk Installation, Middletown, #5072, $640,000
This project is the installation of a sidewalk along Purgatory Road between the Atlantic Beach District and Second Beach. The portion of this project originally scheduled to be completed in 2022 is being delayed to 2023
New Meadow Road Sidewalk, Barrington, #1473, $320,000
New sidewalk on Meadow Road. No changes are proposed for this project.
Massasoit Ave Sidewalk, Barrington, #1474, $320,000
New and upgraded sidewalks (including drainage improvements) on Massasoit Ave. No changes are proposed for this project.
Langworthy Road Sidewalks, Westerly, #1479, $380,000
New sidewalks and curbs on Langworthy Road. No changes are proposed for this project.
Belleville House to Wickford village sidewalk and crosswalk improvements, North Kingstown, #5125, $350,000
Install new sidewalks and repair existing sidewalks to connect Belleville Senior Housing to Wickford Village.  This project is being delayed one year to 2027.
Cathedral Square Enhancement Project, Providence, #5182, $480,000
Physical improvements to Cathedral Square, a 1.8 acre city owned plaza on the western edge of downtown Providence, and adjoining walkways leading to the plaza from surrounding streets. This project is being delayed four years to 2027.
Main Street Handicap Access Sidewalk, Hopkinton, #5058, $120,000
Design/construction of the sidewalk that runs approximately 1,000 feet along Main Street (Rt 3) from Highview Avenue to Spring Street, including modification of existing drainage structures, where necessary, replacement of curbs with granite curbing, and restoration of a crosswalk. This project is being delayed one year to 2027.
Bellevue Avenue ADA Sidewalk/Access Improvements, Newport, #5107, $1.13M
Sidewalk improvements to address ADA accessibility deficiencies, installation of ADA curb access ramps and replace chip stone sealed sidewalks. Part of this project is being delayed to 2025.


Streetscaping projects include a number of enhancements, including sidewalks, lighting, crosswalks, drainage systems, and landscaping.

Ocean Road Beautification Phase 1 & 2, Narragansett, #5093, $450,000
Roadway enhancements including period lighting, sidewalks, crosswalks, and appurtenances. This project is being delayed one year to 2027.
Thames and Spring Streetscape Improvements, Newport, #5105, $8.50M
Improvements to sidewalks, roadway, and drainage systems to improve upon sustainability and resilience of this area. This project is being delayed two years to 2023.
Marlborough Street/West Marlborough Streetscape Improvements, Newport, #5108, $1.90M
General streetscape improvements. This project is being delayed three years to 2024 & 2025.
Bay Street Streetscape, Westerly, #5286, $1.40M
Complete streetscape enhancements to historic village of Watch hill. No changes are proposed for this project.


This is a collection of other projects, including funds listed in Transportation Alternatives which are used for program assistance and to fund other types of projects (e.g. safety programs).  Note that the amendment includes 3 new funds: Local ADA Transition Plans, Fully Loaded TAP Program, and the Bike Safety, SRTS Contingency and Bike Path State of Good Repair fund. Details about each is noted below.

Herreshoff Marine Museum, Bristol, #5007, $820,000
This project is being eliminated. Historical restoration projects no longer qualify for Transportation Alternatives funding.
Ten Mile River Greenway, Pawtucket, #5157, $500,000
This project would create a parking lot for the Ten Mile River Greenway. Funding for this project comes from the 2016 Green Economy Bond. This project is being eliminated from the STIP due to it’s funding source.
Woonsocket River Landing, Woonsocket, #5307, $390,000
This project would create river landing for tourist and excursion watercraft along the Blackstone Bikeway at Cold Spring Park. This project is being eliminated.
Stone Bridge Rehabilitation Study – Island Park, Portsmouth, #5171, $80,000
This project is being eliminated. RIDOT is no longer funding studies through the Transportation Alternatives program.

GEB Bicycle Improvements Contingency Account, Statewide, #1492, $4.96M
This funding results from the influx of Green Economy Bond proceeds into previously programmed bicycle projects. It is to be held in contingency and utilized to further advance construction of the State’s bicycle network as needed and determined through standard TIP adoption and amendment procedures. This fund is being eliminated.
TAP Program General Contingency Account, Statewide, #1493, $16.82M
 This funding is to be held in contingency and utilized to further advance the State’s Transportation Alternatives Program as needed and determined through standard TIP adoption and amendment procedures. This fund is being cut by $14.91M. This represents a significant amount of the total cuts proposed in the Amendment.
Recreational Trails Program, Statewide, #5253, $7.16M
The program, coordinated by RIDEM, provides funds to develop and maintain recreational trails and trail-related facilities for both non-motorized and motorized recreational trail uses. This fund is being increased by $1.37M.
ADA Plan Project Implementation Account, Statewide, #9011, $2.85M
 This fund provides funding for curb ramp improvements based on overall accessibility need. This fund is being increased by $1.15M.
Safe Routes to School Contingency Account, Statewide, #1495, $7.48M
This project will provide for cost increases in the Safe Routes to School projects being managed and constructed by RIDOT on account of the time that has elapsed between project conception and initiation. $4.52 is being cut from this account and added into a new “Bike Safety, SRTS Contingency and Bike Path State of Good Repair”.
Local ADA Transition Plans, Statewide, NEW, $610,000
This fund consists of funding to support municipal development and compliance with ADA transition plans.
Fully Loaded TAP Program, Statewide, NEW, $3.98M
This fund consists of funds to support sub-recipient-managed projects in the Transportation Alternatives Program (“TAP”).
Bike Safety, SRTS Contingency and Bike Path State of Good Repair, Statewide, NEW, $11.10M
This new fund will support the development and completion of bicycle safety and Safe Routes to School projects, with an emphasis on safety-oriented projects.

Public Comment Schedule

RIDOT has withdrawn the amendment. Both public hearings have been cancelled.

The public comment period is now open and runs until February 28 when the final public hearing will be held. Two public hearings – one in Narragansett and another in Providence – are scheduled where you may come and speak on the Amendment. Written comment can also be submitted. If you plan to speak at the hearing, we recommend that you also submit your comments in writing.

All comments on the Amendment must be received prior to or during the TAC’s meeting on February 28, 2019 at 4:00 p.m.

Submitting Written Comment

Send your comments in writing to the Secretary of the Transportation Advisory Committee, Michael D’Alessandro.

Michael D’Alessandro
Secretary of the Transportation Advisory Committee,
RI Dept. of Administration, Division of Statewide Planning
One Capitol Hill, Providence, RI 02908

We have made a supporting document available for people who wish to write letters. Click here to view the document.

Public Hearings

Monday, February 25, 2019 at 5:30 p.m.
Narragansett Town Hall – Council Chambers
25 Fifth Avenue
Narragansett, RI 02882

Thursday, February 28, 2019 at 4:00 p.m.
RI Department of Administration
One Capitol Hill, Providence RI 02908
Conference Room A, 2nd Floor