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    Rhode Island Bicycle Coalition
    P.O. Box 2454
    Providence, RI 02906

    Who we are

    Board of Directors

    Kathleen Gannon, Chair

    Kathleen has lived in Providence for about five years. Before moving here, Kathleen lived with her husband and three children in suburban Connecticut where she taught college and served as a town official on the Planning and Zoning and then the Economic Development Commissions. She only started biking once she moved to the east side of Providence and uses her bike for shopping, errands, to attend meetings and arts events as well as recreationally. Kathleen believes Providence has the potential to be a great biking city but needs the proper infrastructure. As a member of the board, Kathleen plans to focus on improving our public profile, expanding our reach to additional constituencies and educating the driving public about the value of biking infrastructure.


    Bob Gimlich, Treasurer

    Bob Gimlich is a former biologist, sysadmin, and programmer, and a recent transplant to Rhode Island from Boston. He bikes for errands and recreation, and likes to support bicycling in Providence as a frequent farmers market bike valet volunteer. Bob is eager to help RI Bike in any way he can, and minding the bookkeeping and finances is just his geeky cup of tea.


    Betty Bourret, Secretary

    Betty BourretAn active volunteer for RI Bike for the past 10 years, Betty is eager to step into a leadership position to help grow RI Bike’s membership and programs. She is excited to get to work making Rhode Island a safer, more enjoyable place to ride your bike!


    Donny Green, Education Coordinator

    Donny Green has spent much of his ten-plus years in Providence on a bike. From a career as a bike messenger to competitive cyclist to bike educator, Donny has done it all. He is now the director of the Red Shed Bike program, run by the Woonasquatucket River Watershed Council. Donny is certified by the League of American Bicyclists to teach their Smart Cycling curriculum, and has taught Smart Cycling classes throughout Rhode Island.

    Donny has taught countless children and adults how to ride safely and confidently on the road. Donny is also head coach at 1 PVD Cycling, a nonprofit organization offering public school students the opportunity to participate in competitive cycling events.


    James Baumgartner, Director

    James is a radio producer who lives and works in Providence. He has used a bicycle for transportation for about 18 years in Boston Massachusetts, Edmonton Alberta, and for the last 12 years in Providence.


    Chris Menton, Director

    Chris is involved in many aspects of cycling. He is a lifelong commuter. Chris is a cycling tourist, participated in self-guided tours in; Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Canada and Portugal, bike barge tours in France and Holland and toured much of the United States.

    A lot of his involvement focuses on education and research. He has done foundational and follow-up research on police bicycle patrols. Working with University engineering students an electric cargo cycle was developed. He is a certified League of American Cyclist Instructor and teaches children and adults cycling skills. He is a member of the Rhode Island Bicycle Coalition Education group. He has developed college-level cycling curriculum.

    A current project is working towards the development of a bike path from Roger Williams University campus to the East Bay Bike Path. Chris has a doctorate in the Curriculum and Teaching of Societal Studies and is a Professor at Roger Williams University.


    Issac White, Director

    Issac grew up in the Mountain West Region (Colorado, Wyoming, Utah) and was first exposed to cycling while growing up in Wyoming. He lived in pretty small towns and riding a bike was pretty much the #1 activity with digging holes a distant 2nd. When he moved to Salt Lake City, UT, Issac took a Mountain Bike maintenance course in High School, which introduced him to the sport of Mountain Biking. He purchased his first road bike about 13 years ago, and his favorite summer activity is long distance cycling. Issac has volunteered at The Bicycle Collective in SLC, Recycle a Bike, and currently works at DASH bicycle as a service/sales person.