2012 Annual Report



2012 Annual Report

Although this report was a bit delayed, we had a pretty good 2012, and are on track to continue on an even footing into 2013.  We’ve seen many changes for bicycle users around Rhode Island in some communities, hopefully for the good.  We also with sadness had to say goodbye to one of the most renowned champions of the state bike path system in George Redman.

As you consider continued membership, or renewing, it’s important to let you know what we’ve accomplished, how we’ve spent out time, and our financial situation.  Thanks to our donors, partners, members, and of course the volunteers without whom nothing would get done.

In 2012, we expanded the Providence Bike To Work Day  event, with live television coverage on The Rhode Show, and participating dignitaries Mayor Angel Taveras and Representative Art Handy.  We also added an expo area with several local bike shops and manufacturers offering demo rides of bicycles,  wet weather gear.  For other events, we had our first ever Midwinter movie night with 2 sold out showings of Bicycle Dreams.  We once again partnered with Legend Bicycle to offer a Light Up The Night event in the fall, distributing over 80 free sets of lights to unlit night riders.

Legislatively, Vice President and Legislative Committee Chair Barry Schiller worked with sponsors to have Vulnerable Roadway User legislation introduced in both the house and senate, and organized RIBIKE members and related, interested groups to attend Senate and House hearings in support of the legislation.  While the legislation did not make it out of committee, with the number of other organizations and representatives sponsoring and supporting other bills, we believe that opportunity for building a broader coalition for a roadway safety package is possible.

So far in 2013, we’ve already been working to build a coalition to get Vulnerable Roadway User legislation enacted, which would serve to toughen fines for injuring anyone not in a vehicle above the current level.  We hosted a second annual mid-winter bicycle movie night, again selling out and we’ve secured funding to expand Light Up the Night to try to reach late night workers commuting by bicycle.  We of course will continue to work on our traditional events for May  and November, and hopefully be adding new bicycle education opportunities and events to our calendar.

Also of significance in July, all of the elected board officers terms will expire.   An annual meeting of members will be held to elect a new executive board as well as establish committee chairs and board memberships.

Now is the time to get involved to shape what RIBIKE becomes and makes this a state where getting on a bicycle is normal and unremarkable.

Matt Moritz
President of the Board


2012 Annual Report

Projects and Activities:

Vulnerable Roadway User
– New legislation introduced in RI House and Senate that would increase the fine for seriously injuring or killing a person not in a vehicle with a vehicle.  Currently referred to the committee in both houses with initial hearings held.  In 2013 we hope to be able to get additional hearings with appropriate amendment and movement out of committee to a floor vote.

Bike To Work Week and Day
–  We hosted the annual Breakfast for Riders and celebration of riding to work on Bike To Work Day.
– This years event was expanded to include demos of bicycles in an exhibition, and through RIBIKE board member involvement,
– Also, unexpectedly Mayor Taveras announced the creation of the Providence Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission.


Providence Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission (BPAC)

– Board members Eric Weis, Matt Moritz and former Board Member Richard Durished worked with a group to draft and ask that Mayor Taveras create a Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission.
– Two members of the commission appointed by the mayor are RIBIKE board members, Eric Weis, commission chair, and Matt Moritz.

Light Up The Night

– For the third straight year, Legend Bicycle has donated lights to RIBIKE to distribute for free to riders without any illumination on a warm weeknight in early November.  This year, over 80 light sets were installed, about the same as 2011, and 45 light sets in 2010.

Providence Bike Plan

– Provided feedback and comment throughout the early stages of the development of the Providence Bike Master Plan,which was funded in 2011 by a challenge grant from statewide planning.  Two RIBIKE members serve on the Steering Committee

George Redman Linear Park
– Continued to advocate to RIDOT to find creative ways to keep this vital link between Providence and the East Bay communities open during construction.  Unfortunately, no accommodation was made when the bridge was closed in July 2012 for a 2 year construction.
– We have continued to work on this issue in partnership with the Blackstone Valley Tourism Council and hope to have a signed detour in 2013.

Commuter Guide Development

– The commuter guide project, started in 2011, is still underway, after several setbacks due to computer problems and lack of volunteer resources.  The project is being revised and revived in 2013.

Midwinter Movie Night, “Bicycle Dreams”

– In partnership with the film’s producer and a promoter, we were fortunate to be able to offer two showings of this touching and deeply human film, and receiving a $250 donation for our effort.  It is hoped that this can be repeated in 2013 and beyond, and perhaps expanded to an annual fundraiser.


The following individuals and organizations made donations to RIBIKE, for which we are extremely grateful.

  • Narragansett Bay Wheelmen
  • Kenneth Gould
  • Legend Bicycle

We also received a number of donations in memory of George Redman, at the request of the family.


We could not have held successful Bike To Work Day and Light Up The Night events without the help, support and contributions of the following businesses and individuals.

Bike To Work Day

Light Up The Night


  • REI
  • New Harvest Coffee Roasters
  • Whole Foods
  • Small Planet Foods
  • Caster’s Bicycles and Fitness
  • Legend Bicycle
  • Dynamic Bicycles
  • Cleverhood
  • Zipcar

  • Jack Madden
  • Legend Bicycle
  • Recycle-A-Bike



The below information is an unaudited summary of our accounts at the close of 2012.  All effort has been made to ensure accuracy.

chart_2 chart_1
Total Income: $2,033 Total Expenses: $1,275