Calling all Rhode Island bicyclists! Even though it will look a bit different this year, May is still Bike Month and we at RI Bike will be celebrating all month long. We have some fun local activities for you and will pass along some national challenges, as well. Look for our weekly riding inspiration here and across all our media platforms!

Most of all, though, we want to focus on the community that is built around bicycling and the people who make bicycling more than just a healthful, fun, economical and ecologically responsible mode of transportation and recreation. That’s why we are launching our Why I Bike series. We have collected information from your neighbors about what bicycling means to them and will be sharing one each day through May. If you have a story to share–and of course you do!–please fill our form here to be added to our expanding list. The questions are just meant to get you thinking, so feel free to ignore them and talk about whatever strikes your fancy. We want to learn about and celebrate you! Don’t forget to include at least a first name and send a photo if you would like one included in your profile. 

Of course, as you get out on your bike, please share any photos, tag RI Bike and include #StillBikeMonth. We want to see what you are up to!