Unfortunate news–Major Amendment #19 moves to next step



Unfortunate news–Major Amendment #19 moves to next step

Despite an unprecedented outpouring of public sentiment, the Transportation Advisory Committee voted last night to move RIDOT’s Major Amendment #19 in its entirety on to the State Planning Council.

The next step in the convoluted process is for the State Planning Council to vote on the Amendment at its August 29th 9 AM meeting. We urge all who are able to attend.

There are some bright spots on the TAC–Bari Freeman and John Flaherty spoke against the Amendment and we thank them for their support and willingness to publically advocate for pedestrian and bike projects.

Most of all, thank you to all who participated in the public process by submitting comments and attending the hearings. We hear you and will not stop fighting these specific cuts and the outmoded transportation mindset they represent.