Major Amendment #19 comment period closing soon



Major Amendment #19 comment period closing soon

Today is the last full day to let the Transportation Advisory Committee know how you feel about RIDOT’s proposal to shift $37.5 million away from pedestrian and bike projects in favor of fossil fuel infrastructure. If you want safe access to the public roadways using the whatever mode of transportation makes sense–walking, biking, transit, driving and all the endless combinations–please take this opportunity to speak out. Let your views be known!

There are two key things you can do right now.

1) Contact the Governor
Let Governor Raimondo know you oppose gutting the Transportation Alternatives Program at the following:

Also, call the Governor’s office:

(401) 222-2080

“My name is ________ from _________ and I’m calling to request the Governor oppose RIDOT’s Major Amendment #19.”

That is all you need to say. They are recording all of the calls regarding this issue.

2) Write to the Secretary of the Transportation Advisory Committee, Michael D’Alessandro

There is a sample letter here

All public comment must be received by tomorrow August 22 at 3:30.

Thank you!