Imagine being able to ride over the bridges!     



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This summer we had the first Bridge Bike Shuttle to get you over the bridges with your bike. Imagine the day when we won’t need that because you’ll be able to pedal yourself over the Narragansett Bay. As you can imagine we’re THRILLED to be talking about this prospect and excited to be part of the discovery process. To help deliver this ambitious vision we will be working closely with the Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority (RITBA), the city, state and a broad range of other organizations. “It’s time for us to look to the next 50 years. And you can’t look to the next 50 years without connecting people and communities, and looking into mobility…This is a first step in a journey,” — Buddy Croft, the Executive Director of Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority  Bridge infrastructure for bikes and pedestrians returns consistent high economic and health benefits. The studies are extensive, numerous and consistent. We’ll explore this prospect together and look to deliver on a truly promising dream for 21st century transportation for our island and our region.  “I can’t wait for the bridge paths to be complete. Connecting our communities and giving people more transportation options is very exciting. I personally can’t wait to ride my bike to Jamestown” — Nate Giblin • Bike Newport Educator Thank you Buddy Croft and the Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority (RITBA)! The post Imagine being able to ride over the bridges!      appeared first on Bike Newport.

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Imagine being able to ride over the bridges!