UPDATE: Woony & City Walk projects to move forward



UPDATE: Woony & City Walk projects to move forward

We received word from the WRWC that projects will be moving forward. See below:

Hello partners and thank you for adding your voices to bike projects v. bridges issue,

In a surprise turn of events, Lisa and I attended a planned meeting at RIDOT on another topic ended up with a visit from Director Alviti and COO Shoshana Lew to discuss all the calls and letters he has been receiving on the Woony Greenway and City Walk project.

Clearly they were not expecting the outcry that we all caused regarding our concern about the Woony Greenway and City Walk projects.  So great job!  Quick response!

What they said to us is that they have every intention of completing all projects listed in the TIP, including these two, on time and up to the projects’ intentions or better.  How this will happen is still up in the air, but there were several possibilities, including going ahead as originally planned (although it seemed that this is the most unlikely of all possibilities).  It does mean that these projects will remain on hold for a couple of weeks or months but not years.

All I can say is that they asked us to be patient while they figure out the ways it could go and that we would be included in the process.  I have asked the Director to put the ideas they discussed with us in writing in a signed document so that we can at least all be on the same page. I can promise you that I will follow up and keep you posted.  I can also promise that we will continue to advocate for the Woony Project and do whatever it takes to see it come to fruition as we all visioned and intended.

I am happy to discuss any and all of this further, so feel free to call me at 401-861-9046.  But if you can wait until after the Woony Ride this Saturday, that would be very helpful to me.


Alicia J. Lehrer

Executive Director

Woonasquatucket River Watershed Council

45 Eagle Street, Suite 202

Providence, RI 02909