What the Candidates for Governor say About Transportation on Campaign Websites



What the Candidates for Governor say About Transportation on Campaign Websites

Though we cannot endorse candidates, we can inform members and allies what the candidates say about biking and transportation.  To that end, RIBike prepared a list of questions to that has been sent to all campaigns for Governor, responses to which will be posted as we receive them. 

In addition to sending out the questionnaire, Barry Schiller researched what the candidates say about transportation on their campaign websites.  His search of these sites resulted in the following observations, listed alphabetically by party.


Matt Brown www.mattbrownforgovernor.com

Nothing could be found about transportation either in the “Meet Matt” section or in the 9 issue areas except under “immigration”: he supports eligibility for drivers licenses regardless of immigration status.

Spencer Dickinson www.spencerdickinson.com

The only transportation item found was that “Truck Tolling” was one of 10 issue areas. He opposes truck tolls because: 1 it sends an unwelcoming message to business, 2 it may lead to tolls on cars too, and 3 it involves expensive lawsuits from the American Trucking Association

Gina Raimondo www.ginaraimondo.com

Home page highlights: “we are fixing hundreds of roads and bridges.”  The “Meet Gina” section notes she rode RIPTA to school at LaSalle Academy.  She also notes she “cut the car tax” and “repaired the most roads and bridges in a generation, creating good jobs in the process.”  Her 8 issue topics include “Roads and Infrastructure” highlighting having fixed 75 roads and bridges, part of a 10 year $4.7 billion investment in infrastructure.


Giovanni Feroce www.feroceforgovernor.nationbuilder.com

Transportation is mentioned in his “To Fix RI” plan where he proposes a 8 point program, one of which is “Transportation Infrastructure connectivity commitments.”  In addition he calls for a program for all 39 cities and towns to provide municipal infrastructure support with “technology driven pay systems for transportation and parking.”

Allan Fung www.allanfung.com

The only transportation item found was in the “About Allan” section where he notes when off duty he and his wife “are often found kayaking on the Bay or riding their bikes around the state.”

Patricia Morgan www.patriciaforri.com

Her section on “Working for RI” has a section “Fight Against Tolls and Taxes” where she notes she fought and voted against toll legislation and advocates its full repeal.  Also in her “Blueprint for RI” in a “Taming Taxes” section she supports eliminating the tolls and says “there are sensible, fair, and cost-effective ways to protect and fix Rhode Island’s infrastructure without tolls.”