RIBike supports the Green Economy Bond



RIBike supports the Green Economy Bond

Slide1For almost a year, the Rhode Island Bicycle Coalition has been working with a diverse group of partners to seek extra funding for bike paths, beyond what’s available through normal channels. Now that funding is a real possibility, through the Green Economy Bond. Governor Raimondo included this bond in her budget, and now the RI House of Representatives is considering whether to let Rhode Islanders vote on it.

In addition to funding roughly 5-10 miles of new off-road bike connections, the bond contains funding for other environmental investments that our state direly needs: brownfields remediation, stormwater diversion, and conserving our natural areas among others. We know that a robust bike network encourages more tourism to our state, and attracts economic development through a higher quality of life. 770,000 jobs across the country are generated from bicycling, and growing that job base in Rhode Island is good for everyone.

Find out how you can support RIBike and our partners in growing our bike path network and our green job base. Download this fact sheet for the Green Economy Bond Issue.

To get more involved with the bike coalition, see how you can do that here.