Webinar: Temporary Protected Bike Lanes



Webinar: Temporary Protected Bike Lanes

In partnership with Fuss & O’Neill Inc., the Rhode Island Bicycle Coalition is thrilled to provide on February 9th discounted access to this Institute for Transportation Engineers webinar on temporary deployment of separated bike lane facilities. Compared to a normal price of $100, we are gathering at Fuss & O’Neill’s offices and asking participants $10 to cover the communal cost. There will be light refreshments provided.

The Ada County Highway District installed three miles of separated and buffered bike lanes in downtown Boise, Idaho in order to determine the viability for permanent installation on these and other streets. A three-lane couplet was reduced to 2 lanes on each street during the test with floating parking for much of the corridor length.

This webinar discussed the practical considerations of such a deployment, public involvement and response, and the results from data collection before, during and after the deployment. This webinar was developed by the ITE Pedestrian and Bicycle Standing Committee.

To reserve your spot, visit the Eventbrite page, and for more information, see the webinar link: http://ecommerce.ite.org/imis/iCommerce/Events/Event_Display.aspx?EventKey=LMSW11