February 3rd BikeTalk: MassDOT Separated Bike Lane Guide



February 3rd BikeTalk: MassDOT Separated Bike Lane Guide

massdot guideThe February BikeTalk is going to be especially exciting!

Lou Rabito (Complete Streets Engineer, MassDOT) & Nick Jackson (Toole Design Group) presented at the New England Bike Walk Summit about the exciting new design guide they developed for MassDOT. We were so inspired by their work that we asked them to come do an encore presentation in Rhode Island!

Bikeway design in this country is developing faster than an e-bike rocketing down Jeremoth Hill. This new guide, ordered up by MassDOT and prepared by Toole Design Group, offers the most detailed engineering-level guidance yet published in the United States for how to build safe, comfortable protected bike lanes and intersections. There are lots of details to get excited about in the new design guide. But maybe the most important is a set of detailed recommendations for protected intersections, the fast-spreading design, based on Dutch streets, that can improve intersection safety for protected and unprotected bike lanes alike. See below for a link to the guide’s online version.

Come to AS220 on February 3rd at 6:00pm to hear all about it! There is a $5 suggested donation, and there’s a bar & restaurant in the next room over!

See the online guide and the Facebook event.