Intern with RIBike!



Intern with RIBike!

In addition to our awesome new shirts and myriad other ways to get involved, RIBike just posted three internships through our friends at Social Enterprise Greenhouse! Successful candidates will be an integral part of the bike movement in Rhode Island. If you are interested in applying, please email with your résumé and cover letter in one PDF attachment to get started in the matchmaking process. All three positions are unpaid positions working at the Social Enterprise Greenhouse coworking space with our Program Director.

Event Coordinator

Description: The Event Coordinator internship would be responsible for ensuring that all bike events in the state or publicized through RIBike’s website, social media, and email list. Some of these events are organized by RIBike, and the Event Coordinator will be responsible for clear communication with venues & co­organizers, outreach to new venues, recruiting attendees, taking pictures at events, and posting to social media both before and after events. If candidates have skills in graphic design, creating promotional materials for events is also an important piece of this work.

Hours per week: 10­-20

Learning Objectives: This internship would be an excellent opportunity to learn about event coordination by doing it. The intern will learn how to engage in all the activities required to produce professional events, a skill that is valuable in all sectors.

Business Outreach Associate

Description: The Business Outreach Associate will reach out to businesses to recruit them for our program encouraging greater bike-­friendliness. Through phone, email, and in-­person conversations, the Business Outreach Associate will pitch the program to business owners, and collect data on what modifications would make the program more successful. The Associate will also contribute significantly to the development of the program, and if possessing the necessary skills, may participate in consulting with businesses who enter the program.

Hours per week: 10­-20

Learning Objectives: The Business Outreach Associate will gain important skills in sales and program development. The most valuable way to learn about outreach is to do it a lot. For that reason, there will be specific goals set for the Associate, as well as reflection on how to be more successful.

Bicyclists of Rhode Island Project Coordinator

Description: The Bicyclists of Rhode Island Project Coordinator will conduct “Humans of New York” style interviews with diverse bicyclists around Rhode Island. They will take photographs and curate the interview content for the RIBike blog. They will help plan the style and voice of the series. They will schedule times to meet with some bicyclists, and will also find interviews more spontaneously.

Hours per week: 10­-20

Learning Objectives: The essence of the Bicyclists of Rhode Island project involves learning about the diversity of people who ride bikes in the state. More concretely, the Project Coordinator will learn how to create contemporary storytelling content in a professional and journalistic fashion.