Gubernatorial Candidate Ken Block’s Statement on Bicycle Issues



Gubernatorial Candidate Ken Block’s Statement on Bicycle Issues


Ken Block (R)

I am a supporter of bicycling in our state and in our country. I own a bicycle and before the campaign season enjoyed going on bicycle rides with my wife and children. As a small business owner of Cross Alert Systems I have some firsthand knowledge of this area. Cross Alert Systems manufactures and sells solar powered, motion activated, radio-controlled enhanced warning signals for recreational trail/public road intersections. I interact with bicycle advocates all over the country on a routine basis. The Cross Alert System enhances visibility at bike path (or other recreational path) and public road intersections. This device is ideal for mid-block crossings. Our system is an active warning system that flashes only when path users are at the intersection. A half dozen of our systems are installed in Rhode Island and we are installed in 40 states around the country.

In Rhode Island we have a great network of bike paths that continues to grow. I think this offers a fantastic opportunity to attract tourists interested in bicycling to our state. Tourism is the 4th largest private sector employer in Rhode Island. Given the beautiful scenery we have tourists have a unique opportunity to travel great bike paths such as the Blackstone River Bikeway, the East Bay Bike Path and the South County Bike Path just to name a few. We should work on obtaining a good share of the national $47 billion bike tourism market.


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