Mayoral Candidates Respond to Questions about Making Providence More Bike-Friendly



Mayoral Candidates Respond to Questions about Making Providence More Bike-Friendly

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Educate yourself on where the candidates stand on bike and pedestrian issues and vote in the primary election on Tuesday, September 9, as well as the general election on Tuesday, November 4.


Bicycling is a healthy, environmentally friendly, and economical way to travel. Research has shown that great bicycle infrastructure attracts young people and businesses and helps businesses profit (in addition to benefiting both health and the environment).

Making the choice easy and safe for people to use a bicycle or to walk for transportation is often up to our elected officials and their commitment to dedicate the resources needed to make our streets safe for everyone. It’s worth noting that nearly every city that has made major improvements to bike infrastructure and safety in recent memory has had a bicycle-friendly Mayor on board—see, for example, Chicago, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, and Memphis, to name just a few.

Given the key role a bicycle-friendly Mayor plays, the Rhode Island Bicycle Coalition hopes our next Mayor will be pro-bicycling.

To help RIBike members and other Providence cyclists understand the candidates’ views related to bicycling, we asked each candidate the same nine questions, giving them 11 days to respond. We contacted the candidates using the informational email addresses available on their campaign pages and sent candidates who did not respond two reminder emails in advance of the due date.

We hope you’ll take some time to read their responses; to dialogue with the candidates, us, and other Providence voters about bike and pedestrian issues here, at forums and events, or on Twitter; and to go to the polls on September 9 and November 4.

We would like to sincerely thank the candidates for taking the time to fill out our questionnaire.

2014 Candidates for Mayor of Providence

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Democratic Candidates

>> Jorge Elorza

>> Michael SolomonDid not respond

>> Chris Young

Republican Candidate

>> Daniel Harrop

Independent Candidate

>> Buddy CianciDid not respond

1 Comment

  • barry
    Aug 26, 2014 at 3:00 pm

    Much thanks is due to Jen and others who got the questionairre done and posted the results. I also apprecitae that candidates Elorza, Harrop and Young responded.

    Elorza also had some pro-bike comments on his web site under transportation issues. I met with Solomon as part of a Ripta Riders delegation. He did take credit for initiating a bike-pedestrian advisory committee resolution and getting it thu the City Council and indicated he would keep that committee if elected Mayor. He didn't know much about the bus system but seemd genuinly open to meeting with the Alliance if he got elected.

    My memory of Cianci as Mayor (when I was RI Sierra Club Chapter Transportation Chair) was he had no interest in bicycling, opposed bike lanes on Blackstone Blvd, let a waterfront bike path near India Pt fall into disrepair, and was derisive about any interest in pedestrian advocacy. My judgement is he would be a real step backwards.