Woony Multi-Use Path Reopened



Woony Multi-Use Path Reopened


After over 18 months the Woonasquatucket River Bikepath has reopened.  The 1 mile detour on Manton Avenue to bypass the closed segment between Riverside Park and the Manton Gateway is now reopened.

Don’t forget that soon two new segments will be added to the path, increasing the variety and total off-road length of the path.

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  • Cyclist
    Jul 8, 2013 at 8:37 am

    Appears that the Sakonnet Bridge North side, 2-way Bikelane is ready for use if not yet officially open. Runs E to due W from Evans Avenue in Tiverton up an approach ramp, across, then down a ramp to Anthony Road in Portsmouth, where you connect to Boyds Lane and Mount Hope Bridge, still open to brave cyclists who want to share a lane with motor vehicles. Braver still is using the new Sakonnet span, which seems rather ill built, fragile and wavy.

    Likewise, you access Bikeway over the new Brightman (Gold Star) Bridge from end of Wellington Street, off North Main Street in Fall River on Cove to Fulton to Wellington, across, then exiting onto Rt 138 in Somerset, suitably named because some there are not set. Cyclists generally head south on Riverside Avenue to Wilbur (Rt 103) which leads directly to Warren, RI and EBBP.