Recycle-A-Bike seeking Valet Coordinator



Recycle-A-Bike seeking Valet Coordinator

Recycle-a-BikeRecycle-A-Bike is seeking a bike valet coordinator to manage and run their very popular bike valet.  Below is the job description.  If interested, contact Recycle-A-Bike.

The Valet Coordinator will be responsible selling valet services and coordinating an average of 2 four-hour valet sessions per week over the months May through October. Recycle A Bike valet services may be utilized at various events throughout the area including farmers’ markets and music and arts festivals.

Responsibilities include:

  • Contacting and selling valet services to potentially interested parties (event planners)
  • Developing and scheduling a network of volunteers that can staff the valet.
  • Maintaining the kit of valet equipment (racks, tools, RAB literature, banners, posters, donation box)
  • On-the-job training of volunteers
  • Soliciting feedback from event planners (why they chose not to use valet, or what they liked or disliked about hour services)

The valet coordinator will work approximately 10 hours/week, and be paid an hourly wage that will be based on their qualifications for the position. No other benefits are offered with this position.

Skills desired

  • Enthusiastic and active biker; excited about clean, efficient, alternative transportation
  • Able to think out of the box, network, contact, and attract potential clients
  • Able to cold-call potential clients, resilient in the face of rejection
  • Able to network and attract volunteers that are excited about alternative transportation
  • Able to provide simple on the job training to volunteers