Bicycle in Rhode Island – NPR Segment Now Online



Bicycle in Rhode Island – NPR Segment Now Online

rinprIn case you missed the live version of the Policy & Pinot segment and the rebroadcast this past Sunday… fear not.  You can now listen to the segment online.



  • Mark Dieterich
    Apr 23, 2013 at 11:22 am

    After a number of false starts, I finally managed to sit down and listen to the entire segment. It’s great to have cycling in Providence get this type of attention! It was also great to hear a few old friends ask questions towards then end. You know who you are and, hopefully, we will start seeing your faces around again 😉

    One key point I believe was missing from the discussion is government’s role in providing infrastructure. In many ways, the various DOT organizations should be more properly called DOA (Department of Automobiles). Without a doubt, the main focus of the various DOTs is on developing enough infrastructure, to handle the volume of personal automobiles. The problem is that in many cases, this is done to the detriment of pedestrians, cyclists, and public transit. I’m a firm believer that the DOT’s primary focus should be on the least common denominator. During every trip, a person will be walking. Therefore, doesn’t it make sense to start with making everywhere pedestrian friendly? Next up should be a focus should be on public transit and self-powered modes of transportation, modes that are available to greatest number of people. Then, the focus should shift to the personal automobile. This is not to say that we should design infrastructure that is purposefully difficult for people wanting or needing to drive, just that this should not be the primary focus.

    I’m sure this opinion won’t win me any popularity contests 😉 However, I’m becoming a stronger believer as I watch the crumbling infrastructure around the country and we are constantly being bombarded with stories of towns, cities, and states being unable to afford to even maintain the existing infrastructure. I think it’s high time we examine the various infrastructure models around the World and make a conscience decision as to what direction we want to head as a country.

    • Ken
      Apr 26, 2013 at 10:48 am

      Well stated Mark! And infrastructure spending is the very best stimulus spending!