Senate Version of Vulnerable Road User Bill Hearing



Senate Version of Vulnerable Road User Bill Hearing

gavelOur Advocacy Chair, Barry Schiller, let us know that:

The Senate version of a vulnerable road user bill, S625, sponsor Sosnowski, is up for a hearing Tues April 9 before the Judiciary Committee in Room 313 at the “rise” (adjournment) usually about 4:30pm or so.  If you can, please come by, even if just to sign up “pro” or send any statement to me if appropriate.

If you bicycle and believe that RI laws need to be strengthened so that motorists are no longer able to kill cyclists with no repercussions, then this is something you can do to help!  Much of the time consuming work has already been done your behalf by Barry, all you need to do is show up and lend your support!  If you can’t show up in person, then drop a not to Senator Sosnowski or Barry and it can be included in the official transcripts.  Now is the time to act and we NEED YOU!