Come on Rhode Island – We can Do MUCH Better!



Come on Rhode Island – We can Do MUCH Better!

NBC_webbanner_600x200_finalWe have just over a month until the start of the second annual National Bike Challenge.  So far, we’ve managed to get a whopping 17 riders signed up from the ENTIRE state of Rhode Island.  We can do better!

How can you help you ask?

  • If you write on a website, post about it!
  • If you have a door at work, print out a copy of this poster for your door
  • Talk to your friends, co-workers, parents of other school children, your spouse 😉
  • Print out some postcards, stand on the street and hand them out to motorists stuck in traffic
  • Have a favorite coffee shop, ask them if you can hang up a poster

This can be a really fun way to introduce someone to commuting by bicycle and you they might even get hooked.  Please, help us spread the word!

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  • Mark Dieterich
    Mar 30, 2013 at 10:40 pm

    Up to 23 riders now… about one month left to sign up… time to start pounding some pavement and visiting local bike shops to spread the word.