Bicycle Facility Survey Seeking Respondents



Bicycle Facility Survey Seeking Respondents

Bicycle Facility Survey Seeking Respondents

A student at the University of Colorado sent us a request to solicit help in finding survey participants for a bicycle transportation and infrastructure survey.  Most of the survey is structured as a survey of  the types of roads and facilities currently ridden for transportation and then a longer piece focused on choosing between pairs of facilities types.

If you ride for transportation (once a year or more), please consider spending a few minutes filling out the survey

 I am conducting a study that investigates how cyclists value different forms of bicycle transportation networks. I am administering an online survey to individuals who are at least 18 years old, own a bicycle, and live in the United States. I am conducting this research in the hopes that it can help policy makers and city planners better understand cyclist’s preferences when it comes to where they ride their bicycles.


I am writing to you to see if your organization would be interested in helping me recruit participants. The survey will gather information about how individuals value different transportation networks as well as some basic demographic data similar to what you would see on the US Census. The survey will only take about 12 minutes to complete. Individuals who complete my survey can enter to win one of ten Amazon gift cards. I will be raffling off two $100 gift cards four $50 gift cards, and four $25 gift cards. Entering this raffle is completely voluntary.


I will be extremely grateful if you can help me by sharing a link to the survey portal where my survey is being administered. The best way to do this is by emailing your members directly with the link. I think it could also be helpful to post the link on your website, blog, and/or social media site (Facebook or Twitter). This project has a very short timeline, the survey will be open from now until April 5th, and I need to gather as many responses as possible so your help will be greatly appreciated!


Here is the survey link:


I would love to answer any questions you may have about this process. Feel free to call or email me if you have any questions about sharing this survey or about my research. Thank you so much for your time and willingness to participate in my research!


Cassie Finer

Economics Honors Student Class of 2013

University of Colorado

Tel: (707)326-9489