vulnerable road user bill hearing Tues March 5



vulnerable road user bill hearing Tues March 5


Source: on Tuesday, March 5 at the “rise” – which means when the session that starts at 4pm ends – the House Judiciary Committee has a hearing on a slew of bills that relate to highway safety.  This will be in the House Lounge on the 2nd floor.   One of the bills is H5777, the “vulnerable road user” bill that Rep. Teresa Tanzi sponsored at the request of the RI Bike Coalition.   It ups penalties (fines, community service, possible license suspension) when a careless motorist, not taking due care, kills or injures a bicyclist, pedestrian, wheelchair user, highway worker, or other such vulnerable road users.   As it is now, a motorist can kill someone and face only a traffic fine, usually $85, unless they were drunk, a hit-and-run, or drove intentionally with reckless disregard for safety of others.

The Judiciary Committee will also be hearing a variety of other bills to crack down on drunk driving, texting while driving (esp repeat offenders) and driving an unsafe vehicle.  I think the bike community should try to attend the hearing and support efforts to try to combat dangerous driving.


  • Mark Dieterich
    Mar 4, 2013 at 8:18 am

    Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend tomorrow. I hope there will be other people who can stop by, lend their support to Barry and the legislators who have actively pursued this on our behalf!

  • barry
    Mar 8, 2013 at 11:59 am

    The House Judiciary Committee did have the hearing and we got good support from the Coalition for Transportation Choices, Sierra Club, Audubon Society, the Attorney General's Office and of course our sponsor Rep. Teresa Tanzi. There was oppsoitin only from the ACLU. Like all the other highway safety bills, it "was held for further study" which is the usual routine. I am reasonably hopeful there can be some progress.
    Also, thanks to Senator Susan Sosnowski there is Senate version of a vulnerable road user bill, S625. It is not yet scheduled for a hearing.

  • Barry
    Apr 4, 2013 at 3:39 pm

    Update: The Senate version, S625, sponsor Sosnowski, is up for a hearing Tuesday, April 9 in Room 313 at the "rise" (adjournment) usually about 4:30pm. Please come by if you can, or contact the Committee Chair, Senator McCaffrey to give support.