Not Enough Cyclists Killed to Count?



Not Enough Cyclists Killed to Count?

The League of American Bicyclists is mounting an email campaign in an attempt to help persuade the US Department of Transportation to add a requirement to their pending legislation which will require the collection of bicycle and pedestrian statistics.  In particular:

The US Department of Transportation is required by the new transportation law to establish national safety goals and performance measures to guide the states. Right now, they are NOT proposing any separate national goals or performance measures to improve the safety of bicyclists and/or pedestrians. We cannot let this happen – these measures will be used to guide traffic safety policy and funding at the national and state level for years to come.

If this is allowed to happen, there will be no national target to improve the safety of cycling or walking; there will be no measures established to track or monitor pedestrian and bicyclist safety or collect data related to these areas; and there will be no incentive, guidance or leadership given to state and local agencies to tackle this important piece of overall traffic safety policy. Without a specific performance measure to focus on nonmotorized safety, bicyclists and pedestrians will remain firmly in the blindspot of traffic safety.

Funding for overall highway safety programs was almost doubled in MAP-21. Even though bicyclists and pedestrians now account for almost 16% of all traffic fatalities in the US, states are spending less than 0.5% of their safety funds to solve this problem. This is exactly the time to establish meaningful national goals and performance measures to tackle bicyclist and pedestrian safety as part of an overall, comprehensive and multi-modal traffic safety program.

That’s why we have written this letter to Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood asking him to include specific national goals and performance measures for bicyclist and pedestrian safety. We urge you to add your voice to our request. Send an Email to Secretary LaHood now

We would like to encourage each and every one of our readers to add their voice to this campaign.  Without legitimate statistics, very little is often accomplished when advocates try and influence local governments to improve safety for cyclists.


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  • Labann
    Apr 1, 2013 at 8:25 am

    Conducted a survey of almost 300 avid area cylists, published in 2004, which compiled statistics from 24 questions that varied from LAB's national survey to focus on local issues. While not scientific, it represented nearly 1,000,000 mi./yr. of observations statewide. Strong correlations were uncovered about legislator/officer lack of concern for cycling, fortifying what Andy Singer depicts in this cartoon…

    No consensus on bike paths, as most of these riders use actual roads; if anything, they were concerned about the lack of shoulders and other such accommodations on roads and loss of rights to them rather than separate facilities. Maintenance and sweeping were concerns.

    Can forward the survey to your email, but, at the time, no official I spoke to gave it any credence whatever. Claimed it wasn't enough (voters) to change their opinions. If anything, cycling advocacy locally is worse off than it was then, since support has waned with reports that America has an oil glut.