Help Us Create the East Coast Greenway



Help Us Create the East Coast Greenway

The East Coast Greenway Alliance (ECGA) has received some comments over the last few years about part of the ECG route through Providence. Issues include tough intersections, steep-angle railroad track crossings, and more. We aim to improve that routing by mid-March, and thanks to, ECGA now has a great online “wiki-mapping” tool allowing anyone with an internet connection to provide suggestions.

Click this link to see the ECG route through Providence, and read/view the instructions on how to draw in your own suggested route to connect the Cranston Bikepath with the Fox Point neighborhood. Contributors who register with valid email addresses will be invited to a special meeting of the Rhode Island Bicycle Coalition on March 11 at which we will evaluate the suggestions, and then make a decision. This new routing may also become part of U.S. Bike Route One.

Thank you!