Sec. LaHood Stepping Down



Sec. LaHood Stepping Down


Source: this week, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced he would be stepping down from the Obama Administration.  If you haven’t heard Sec. LaHood speak on the topic of active transportation, you’ve missed out.

Rails-to-Trails is mounting a campaign to encourage people to speak up and let the Obama Administration know that they need to find another, open minded official to replace Sec. LaHood.  In their words:

When Ray LaHood steps down as Transportation Secretary, he’ll leave behind a legacy of unprecedented support for biking, walking and other active modes as legitimate forms of transportation.

Ray LaHood understands that active transportation modes play an important role in building healthy communities and healthy economies — and he has fought to preserve vital funding for trail networks.

Now we need to make sure that the next Transportation Secretary builds upon LaHood’s legacy in forging our transportation future.

We would like to encourage everyone to take a few minutes and use the easy Rails-to-Trails form to add your voice to those of others and help convince this administration to think beyond traditional transportation.