AASHTO Bike Guide Webinar



AASHTO Bike Guide Webinar

Source: http://www.walkinginfo.org/images/AASHTOcover.jpg

Source: http://www.walkinginfo.org/images/AASHTOcover.jpgIf you are involved in bicycle advocacy, then you likely know that AASHTO released the fourth edition of their guide for developing bicycle facilities last year.  Many groups around the country, including here in RI, are advocating to have their local DOT groups adopt these recommendations as their guiding principle over the more traditional DOT guidelines.

If you will ever find yourself in a position to speak with local or regional DOT officials, then we strongly encourage you to become familiar with these guidelines.  Last year, the Pedestrian and Bicycling Information Center provided a collection of video presentations covering these new guidelines.  We just discovered that they are all archived online!  As you find time, we would encourage everyone to sit down, grab a cup of hot cocoa and watch through their AASHTO Bicycle Guide Webinar Series.  There is a wealth of information contained within this series and it will only help to make you a stronger, more knowledgeable advocate when talking with DOT officials.