Advancing an Interim Bikeway Plan



Advancing an Interim Bikeway Plan

News from AIPC:
Advancing an Interim Bikeway Plan

While support is gathering for the planning, funding and building of a Shoreline Bikeway on Aquidneck Island, the Aquidneck Island Planning Commission (AIPC) is advancing an interim plan that addresses roads and routes to carry cyclists more safely the full length of the Island – as an immediate step in advance of the Bikeway.
Based on recommendations made in the 2011 Aquidneck Island Transportation Study, the interim Island bike route is a combination of bike lanes and off-road bike paths comprising 18 miles of safer cycling from Portsmouth to Easton’s Beach in Newport.
Read the AIPC announcement HERE. See the map and read about the proposed plan in this weekend’s Newport Daily News, or click HERE.
The benefits of the proposed Shoreline Bikeway are numerous and convincing – bringing more people to enjoy the magnificent coastline and all that Aquidneck Island has to offer along a safe and beautiful bike route that connects with the rest of the state’s miles of bike paths. The interim plan is a first step toward the ultimate goal of a “Rail with Trail” Bikeway along the existing rail corridor.
Working to improve conditions for cycling on roads island-wide and creating safer routes for both transportation and recreation are priorities for Bike Newport.  We celebrate the steps that AIPC is taking to advance this interim plan. We’re excited and motivated to work with AIPC to make it happen.  We also see this Interim Bikeway route as an added incentive to improve a network of marked roads and routes island-wide that will contribute to the ability for more of our residents and visitors to confidently traverse and explore the island on bicycle.
THANK YOU to AIPC Executive Director Tina Dolen and the AIPC for advancing our shared goals: more and better cycling in the best interest of our residents, visitors, environment and economy.
And on that note – Wishing you health, happiness and safe and frequent cycling in the new year!  Thanks to all for making 2012 a banner year for bicycling in Newport! 

From your friends at Bike Newport

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Advancing an Interim Bikeway Plan

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