Source: http://www.planning.ri.gov/images/logospp.gif

Source: http://www.planning.ri.gov/images/logospp.gifPublic hearings coming on RI Long-term Transportation Plan!!

RI is updating its 20 year Transportation Plan now to be called Transportation 2035.  The state has to do this to be eligible for Federal assistance if it amends the current 4-year plan of actual projects called the TIP.   Planning folks want to leave all the goals and policies in the current plan unchanged, and just update statistics, projections, and the language in accord with recent changes in the law.

Nevertheless, it is an opportunity for the bike community to offer another vision.  Indeed it was recently reported the MA Secretary of Transportation announced a goal of tripling walking-biking-transit trips in the Bay state over the next decade.

The RI public hearings are on Wed Nov 14 at 9am and Thurs Nov 15 at 6:30pm both in Conference Room A at the DOA Building on SmithSt.