ABC6 Coverage of Middletown Ghost Bike



ABC6 Coverage of Middletown Ghost Bike

ABC6 last night had some good coverage of the ghost bike placed on Memorial Blvd in Middletown as a memorial to Elliot Kaminitz.

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This is the first television coverage in our area that I’ve ever seen.

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  • Labann
    Oct 8, 2012 at 8:57 am

    It makes me think that Memorial Blvd illegally has no shoulder for cyclists' safety, much like East Main Rd in Portsmouth, Metacom Avenue in Bristol, Post Road in North Kingstown, and Warwick Avenue in Warwick.

    Everywhere there are 2 travel lanes in each direction, undivided, with no shoulder, there are more accidents than any other arrangment of road. Highways limit access. Single lane roads have less traffic or shoulders. Stealing shoulders endangers everyone, including motorists, yet it's habitually done to speed flow of oil and vehicles. I find it ironically interesting that improvements in automotive safety merely increase speed and reflect onto cyclists and pedestrians, so the collective fatalities remain level relative to miles driven. Only joblessness and recession seem to cause any dip in accident numbers, but then people drive too fast. An East Providence teen was recently killed in Swansea when the SUV she was driving flipped and got flattened, coming to rest sideways against trees in medium strip. I've seen dozens of such accidents in last year alone. Where's your outrage?