RIPTA Survey



For some cyclists, RIPTA provides an essential link (i.e. the ability to get across the Jamestown and Newport bridges with your bike) and for others, the ability to extend the range of their bike.  RIPTA is reaching out to all partner organizations having

initiated a statewide evaluation of our services called a Comprehensive Operational Analysis (or COA).  This effort is intended to identify the strengths and weaknesses of our bus system, and to determine where we might redirect resources to better serve our customers and attract more riders to our network.

As a first step we need to better understand local travel needs, where people need to go, and what type of services they desire.  To collect his information, we have been surveying passengers on our buses.  But since it is difficult to catch everyone during these surveys, we have also posted an on-line survey that both regular RIPTA riders and non-riders can complete.

If you use RIPTA or care about their future services, I would encourage you to take a couple of minutes and fill out their online survey at  The survey will be available until October 12th.