National Bike Challenge, May Summary



National Bike Challenge, May Summary

National Bike Challenge, May Summary

The May prize drawing period has ended for the National Bike Challenge giving us a chance to catch up and see how we’ve done.  This years challenged runs from May 1 to August 31 this year allowing riders to log their rides and earn points, higher points earned gains access to different monthly prize drawings.  The goal is to get 50,000 people to register and rider 10 million miles over the course of the challenge.  While below the participant goal, it would seem that that challenge is on track for the mileage goal, with 3.3 million miles in the first month.

Overall, Rhode Island was 13 out of 51 based on computing the points earned divided by the population of the state for 23.58 points, the second highest rank of the New England states.  We could totally out shine Montana, at #12, with 120 riders, 25.67 points and a population slightly lower (989,415) than Rhode Island

New England States Ranks
State  Rank  Points    Riders   Population 
Vermont 1 421.62 1090 625741
Rhode Island 13 23.58 81 1052567
Connecticut 21 20.23 286 3574097
Maine 26 12.48 81 1328361
New Hampshire 27 11.94 75 1316470
Massachusetts 40 6.15 192 6547629

81 Riders have ridden over 11,280 miles.  The anonymous highest points earner contributed 1,060 miles and 1659 points, earning a slot in the platinum drawing.  24 riders reached the gold (500 point) drawing level within the first month and an extra 16 reached the silver (250 point) drawing level.  I suspect we’ll see several more in the platinum drawing (1500 points) by the end of June. With 46 workplaces recorded (including retired as a workplace), the top 3 workplaces are Dassault Systemes Simulia Corp. with 8 riders, and 3464 points.

Workplaces with over 1000 points
Workplace  Points   Riders 
Dassault Systemes Simulia Corp 3464 8
Brown University 2343 8
Schneider Electric 1659 1
Retired 1610 N/A
Rhode Island School of Design 1306  2

Among self-organized teams, which there are only 9, with 8 earning points through June 1st:

Teams with Points Earned
Team  Points   Riders 
RIBIKE 4028 10
NBW Casually Employed 3422 10
Dassault Systemes Simulia Corp 1499  4
Caster’s Bicycles – 793  2
Narragansett Biking chicks 643  2
Bike Newport 528  4
Real Life Gamers 403  1
Sea Fresh USA Inc 391  1