update on possible bike projects for TIP



update on possible bike projects for TIP

Some preliminary results from a Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) subcommittee meeting on bike/ped projects submitted for the next 4 year Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) that RIDOT tentatively allocated about $3.4 million/year.  Projects that scored well enough to possibly continue, though the subcommittee will be meeting again to review this, and results must be approved by the entire TAC, the State Planning Council etc, and all of them need design work:

  • Coventry connection from bike path to Middle School
  • East Bay Bike path extension in Warren (though route between County Rd and Metacom unresolved)
  • East Greenwich – Warwick bike/ped bridge connection near Forge Rd
  • South County Bikeway, phase 4 – though final route in Narragansett still uncertain
  • Jamestown “Ice Road” path connecting North Rd, East Shore Rd
  • Tiverton bikeway
  • Possible bike path along Bay Commission route along river near Gano
  • URI connection from south county path to campus
  • Woonsocket extension of the Blackstone bikeway

Likely to be left out of the TIP:

  • Middletown proposals to add bike paths alongside West Main Rd, East Main Rd, Burma Rd
  • “Hope Spur” in W Warwick-Coventry
  • signage projects in Burrillville, Coventry, Woonsocket
  • a bike path alongside Corn Neck Rd on Block Island
  • funding the extension of Blackstone Bikeway in Cumberland/Central Falls
  • proposed Truman Drive bikeway in Woonsocket
  • Popasquash Rd bikeway in Bristol
  • bike access to Jamestown bridge
  • development of Pontiac Secondary bikeway in Cranston.

And there are still earmarks remaining for the West Bay path in Coventry, 10-Mile River extension, and the Woonasquatucket.

All of this is still subject to public review. RIBikers can also communicate their thoughts about this on this site or by contacting Sue Barker or Barry Schiller who are on the TAC


  • John Satterlee
    Dec 27, 2011 at 2:15 pm

    No access to the Jamestown Bridge? What a surprise.

  • Labann
    Dec 28, 2011 at 11:54 am

    Note the breakdown. Rural and suburban projects in affluent areas get nod. Crucial and urban aren't even mentioned. Any development ought to be based on connecting existing infrastructure and taking in colleges, parks, schools and service providers such as fire stations and terminals. Intermodal? Where are the bike racks at new airport train station? Who compiled this list?

    Ha! Yesterday sought out the one block of cobblestone left, Conant Street, Central Falls. Gives one a sense of where the term "boneshaker" comes from.

  • Labann
    Jan 3, 2012 at 10:43 am

    Biggest problem with this list is it caters to motor vehicles. The primary model ought to remain cycling infrastructure Integrated with motoring. Separate facilities should be an extraordinary response to impossible situations. Flat as it is, Rhode Island is growing gradually unbikeable because of ILLEGAL SHOULDER GRABBING, particularly for turning lanes, radiating out from capitol to adjacent cities, like East and North Providence, Johnston and Warwick. Has anyone been fired for creating these unsafe conditions? Not only for bicyclists, pedestrians and wheelchair users, but motorists, as well. Wherever shoulders are eliminated, accidents occur.

    It's been said many times… unless you complain en masse your stance is lost, which might as well mean nobody is effectively advocating at RIDOT, TAC, or towns. Only affluent people who devote leisure time get heard. The illiterate 17% of population, poor, and unrepresented are ignored. Besides which, some roads are already so bad you can hardly drive on them, never mind bike though cracks and holes. Repairs don't keep up with crumble rate, although happy to see Glenbridge repaved, at least those few blocks from Manton Ave to bridge.

    Why doesn't hellish RI-6 through Johnston accommodate bicycles or pedestrians? Violates federal and state law. Last week rode its connection between Brown Ave and Reservoir Rd (both badly paved, heavily traveled for side streets, and too narrow for amount of traffic). Had to leave RI-6 road surface 8 times in that half mile to let by lines of speeding vehicles. Central Pike? Might as well call it dirt it's so bad, and surprised to see a thick layer of ice at the I-295 underpass considering warm weather that day. RI-5 is lined with strip malls and so no alternative; in particular, the recent repavement and restriping at Central Pike was botched badly for bicyclists… better before they "improved" it. There are a few decent bike routes (only a few) through Johnston, but I dread mentioning them lest they ruin what little is left that's still useable.

    What really needs to happen is for courts to force every city and town to immediately provide continuous bike-ped corridors border to border, E-W and N-S, with reasonably kept pavement along them or face stiff fines. It's no hardship for even bankrupt municipalities, since signs and/or stripes cost little. If Central Falls, which already has a partial bike path and on street route, can afford it, any town can comply. A statewide bicycling network (now about 1/3 complete) would be a first for the nation, a huge attraction, and a unique opportunity to promote new business. A series of decentralized service stops along bike paths with adjacent hostels could make RI a touring destination, but only if the network is continuous throughout.