2013-2016 TIP Proposed Bicycle Projects



2013-2016 TIP Proposed Bicycle Projects

Source: http://www.planning.ri.gov/images/logospp.gif

The Transportation Advisory Committee has received submissions of projects from RIDOT  from cities and towns, and some agencies for the 2013-2016 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).  The news for bicycle users is that it could have been a lot worse.  The 2013-2016 TIP will determine priorities for projects to potentially be funded via USDOT programs, though there is a project budgetting component, TIP projects are not guaranteed to be funded or delivered on the schedule indicated.  Full details are on page 3 and 4 of the Guide to the TIP Development Process.

Earlier, anticipating a 30% cut in Federal support, RIDOT zeroed out using any discretionary funds for bike projects.  However, now expecting at most a 5% cut (the US Senate reauthorizing committee level funded the program) RIDOT does recommend a program of about $3.4 million/year for bike and pedestrian projects as well as $1 million for “safe routes to school.”   Which projects?  That is to be prioritized by a subcommittee of the Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) using agreed on criteria, and reported back to the TAC and later to the State Planning Council.   RIBIKE board officers Barry Schiller and Sue Barker are on this committee.

In addition there are about $26 million in remaining earmarked funds for bike projects.  This includes approximately $10 million for the West Bay bike path, $5.7 million for the Woonasquatucket, almost $1.7 million for the 10-mile River Greenway, almost $1.6 million for Colt Park bikeways, almost $1.3 million for the South County Bike Path, and $640,000 for the Blackstone River Bikeway.

City/town submissions were often supportive of bike and pedestrian projects.  Here are some highlights:

  •   Barrington: Replacement of the East Bay path bridges (priority #6 of 6)
  •   Block Island: New proposal for bike signage (#4 of 4)
  •   Bristol:  Poppasquash Rd bike/ped path (#4 of 5)
  •   Burrillville:  Northwest Bike Trail, (#7 of 7)
  •   Central Falls:  Blackstone Bikeway (#2 of 2)
  •   Charlestown:  Shoreline Bikeway (#6 of 6)
  •   Coventry: a new Bike Route signage program (#4 of 7)
  •   Cumberland:  Blackstone Bikeway (#3 and 4 of 10 for the 2 remaining sections)
  •   East Greenwich: Town bike plan including a Warwick Connection bridge (#1 of 6)
  •   Jamestown:  Bike access to Jamestown Bridge (#2 of 6) and new Bike/Ped path from North Rd to East Shore Rd (#3 of 6)
  •   Middletown:  Shared use path along East Main Rd (#10 of 14, West Main (#11) and Burma Rd (#12)
  •   Narragansett:   Phase 4 of the South County path (#4 of 5)
  •   North Kingstown:  Wickford to Quonset bike study (#3 of 12) and Jamestown Bridge access (#12 of 12)
  •   Pawtucket:  Blackstone Bikeway (#2 of 14)
  •   Providence:  Bike/Ped bridge on old I-195 piers (#1 of 10)
  •   Tiverton:  Bike path along rail line (#5 of 5)
  •   URI: Connection from the South County path to URI (not mentioned by South Kingstown)
  •   Warren:  East Bay path extension to Kickemuit River (#3 of 7) and East Bay path bridge replacement (#7 of 7)
  •   Warwick:  Warwick/Ea Greenwich bike network and bridge connection (#6, 8, 9 for different sections, of 17)
  •   Westerly:  New bike path along Atlantic Avenue  (#4 of 10)
  •   West Warwick:  Hope Spur from the West Bay path (#3 of 3) (not mentioned by Coventry)
  •   Woonsocket:  New bikeway signage (#13 of 13)

No bicycling related projects were submitted from Cranston, East Providence, Newport, Smithfield, or the RI Economic Development Corporation.  For full information on towns and state agency requested projects, see the TIP 2013 website.

Note at the “roundtable” meeting with RIDOT Director, a representative of the RI Association of RR Passengers urged the bikeway in Tiverton in order to preserve the corridor for future rail use.

A public hearing on the draft TIP can be expected in April 2012.


  • Labann
    Oct 18, 2012 at 12:21 pm

    Where you most need separate bike-ped facilities – Newport, Providence and Warwick – there are no solid proposals. The ONLY challenge is to allocate space where there are no available rights-of-way. Throwing asphalt on a rail bed is easy in comparison, but it becomes a money maker for a few people and so gets disproportionate attention. Yeah, complete the ECG, but lets get real about making ALL of RI bicycle accessible; who would drive on a highway that abruptly ended or diverted users into 75 mile detours? That's what AMTRAK and RIDOT routinely do to cyclists through bridge bans and continuous impediments.

  • DEE
    Mar 31, 2015 at 11:36 am

    Well we learned the true cost estimate of Phase 4 of the South County Bike Path is 10 million with the other options coming in a 4 million and 800.000 using town roads. This was all announced at a town hall meeting in the beginning of March 2015. The public was so surprised but not once during the layout process did any planner, local group or town official look at cost options. So it goes. This is such a shame. The town had a golden opportunity to use the Fed money and upgrade and enhance its own infrastructure. I can't do anything else than apologize for the town of Narragansett and the ridiculous way they held this up and for the choices they made trying to get this through Canonchet Farm. More though, I am sorry if I offended anyone with my persistent ways but I can't help to think this could've been avoided and we'd all be our or way to the beach by now. Through all my rants and posts I mention this and that without giving the reader a true pic of what I'm talking about. Here is a video that shows the original DOT study and the suggested route offered by the their hired engineering firm back in 2000, but voted no by a town council that wanted a off street path to the beach, very noble but no affordable. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c892E4-ddxI
    thank you