17Oct 2011 Meeting Minutes



17Oct 2011 Meeting Minutes

RI Bike Coalition Meeting: Brown University bookstore 17October2011
Attendees: Matt, Betty, Barry, Mark. Absent: Sue, Dick, Eric, Leo
Call to order 6:10 Adjournment 7:55
Light up the Night Project Update/Planning
November 1 (or 2) 2011 Tuesday, Wednesday 6-8pm
Jack has the lights, Jack wants to keep the lights in Providence
Location: Market Street. Brook Street
Recycle A Bike will do Broadway
Planet Bike Binkies set: white front and red back
Get names and e-mails from people who get lights installed on site
Matt will solicit a few volunteers from the current e-mail list
Bari will get lights for Bike Newport from a shop in Newport

Core Study: Providence street car project
We are a member of the CTC. $126 million for a 2 mile street car. RIBike should send a message to the CTC about the impact of the rails for cyclists. Matt will e-mail these concerns to the chair of the committee

Commuter Guide Project Update
Leo Corrigan will be the editor; Sue and Dick still involved collecting information until Nov 30.

Online Membership Update
Mark draft of the letter. Mark gets comments from Betty, Barry, Matt $25 single, $40 family membership. Link to website is complete. Mark will monitor for a while.

Blackstone Valley Bikeway through Pawtucket update
Open meeting last Wednesday. RIDOT has the money to repave Blackstone BLVD to Town landing in Pawtucket. Major road project. Roads will be striped to accommodate bikes, sharrows and about 1 mile of bike lanes. Complaints about loss of parking on Pleasant Street. Alfred Stone people don’t want change; they want no paint on their road. Mayor is supported of the bike lanes,. Michael Lewis from RIDOT attended.
State Legislation Update
Towns are asked to update TIP priorities.
Providence TIP meeting Tuesday, 18Oct11 at 5:45pm.
Late November tribute to George Redman.

Reflective Bumper stickers
Have 2 or 3 designs only : “ I rode RI”, “ice cream” “handle bars”

Board Meeting
Matt will suggest several dates in the near future