TIP amendment public hearing coming 9/22



TIP amendment public hearing coming 9/22

At 6:30pm on Thurs Sept 22 there will be a public hearing on a series of amendments to the 2012 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) one of which affects the Blackstone Bikeway.

In order to obligate earmark funds as soon as possible, RIDOT proposes using about $1.1 million of funds earmarked for the “Blackstone Valley Heritage Corridor” for boat landings in Lincoln and Central Falls instead of for the Blackstone Bikeway and for a Blackstone Canal project to control flooding. The boat landings had been in the “enhancement” category, and the bikeway/canal projects would in turn be moved to enhancements in exchange.

While the boat landings may be worthy, it has to be of concern for a bike project, so dependent on earmarks, to be moved to “enhancements” which is a long list of projects that have only slowly been implemented, indeed there may be further delays for them because another part o the TIP amendment is to add a $4 million enhancement of a “gateway” landscaping project along the I-95 and 195 corridors sought by the Governor’s Office. Worse, some fear the Republican majority in the US House will eliminate enhancements altogether.

Also, a $2.19 million earmark remains for the Blackstone Bikeway, not sure if this would be at risk of recision. Completing the bikeway is supposed to cost about $31 million.

Other TIP amendments involve improvements to the railroad system, Matunick Beach Rd, and changing an enhancement in Westerly.

More info is on the Statewide Planning web site, or from me, Barry at 353-6536. I hope we will have a ribike spokesperson at the hearing to call attention to the desirability of completing the bikeway, especially to central Pawtucket and central Woonsocket.


  • Sep 15, 2011 at 10:49 am

    Barry, where are these meetings held?

  • barry
    Sep 15, 2011 at 1:14 pm

    sorry to have left off the location of the hearing which is at the Department of Administration (modern building across the street from the State House) Conference Room A on 2nd floor.

  • barry
    Sep 29, 2011 at 10:26 am

    At the hearing RIBike did submit a statement in defense of completing the Blackstone Bikeway. While the amendment as described above did pass, RIDOT did propose that the enhancement program actually fund work on the bikeway. I expect to hear and discuss more details about this at the bike/walk summit in Providence coming Oct 7, hope all interested will attend (see related post about the summit on this site)

  • barry
    Oct 12, 2011 at 8:07 am

    Another opportunity to influence the TIP! (Transportation Improvement Program) On Tuesday, Oct 18 the Providence City Plan Commission is holding a public hearing on what the city will request for the 2013-2016 TIP. It iwill be held at Planning offices at 444 Westminster St at 4:45pm.

    Note projects already in the TIP will not automatically be included again.

    With little money available, it may be an opportunity to request relatively low cost bike infrastructure improvements in the city, so I hope city residents who bike will show up and support biking ideas. Possible topics: road signing; intersection improvements, bike parking, the bike-ped bridge on the old I-195 piers, a bikeway along the river between India Point Park and the Henderson bridge, Roger Williams Park issues….

  • Labann
    Oct 12, 2011 at 9:54 am


    Been saying for years that there are opportunities for bikeways along the Seekonk River. As you mention, there's a right of way alongside stretching from Henderson to India Park. India Park itself could use a bikepath, now that Shooter's is being torn down, but I fear will be sold to developers who will greedily deny any shoreline access. There's also the incomplete bridge from India Park to Bold Point, which is where the EBBP (on street) begins.

    A good development would be further up river alongside Butler hospital and Swan Point and Riverside cemeteries, then Read Field, which would end forever Alfred Stone and Blackstone controversies.

    On the opposite bank, there's a RR right of way all the way from EBBP to Beverage Hill Ave, although I think after that sidings are actually used from the North to serve businesses along George Bennett Hwy. Never have seen a train actually using any of these tracks. Have seen a few cross Mineral Spring Ave alongside Lorraine Mills.

    Routes along waterways are often abandoned and flat, so a benefit to cycling.

  • Labann
    Oct 16, 2011 at 7:56 pm

    Meanwhile, doesn't anyone realize what an egregious oversight and severe imposition it is to approach CCRI or Tollgate school complexes by bike? It's criminal. Little wonder few do. Why locate schools on such hard to climb hills surrounded by swamps and woods? Ever heard of "Safe routes to schools? There aren't even sidewalks. Who designed these monstrosities? Obviously, highway engineers, who cater to motorists exclusively and frequently ignore needs of the self propelled including wheelchair users.

    From N, East Ave is a high speed highway with entrances and exits, then a steep climb. E is cut off totally by I-95 and I-295. From SE and S, you might go RI-115 (Tollgate Rd), and wend dangerous through Kent Hospital, but wouldn't recommend it; there's a gate you have to crawl under, and why should that be? Car restricting stanchions can let pedicyclists through. From SW there's Commonwealth Ave, and a long, twisty climb up entrance road to CCRI or, in opposite direction, a shoulderless, steep climb to Tollgate. Likewise from RI-117 (Centerville Rd), steep climbs. Neither complex is served from the W. For both, proposed bike paths with easy climbs could be made from Commonwealth Ave: CCRI from W (right behind Trudeau Early Intervention), and Tollgate from E (right behind sidestreet at 528 Commonwealth). In either case, we're talking about 100' of pavement; estimated cost, $50K, with 50% for "engineering" (gas money and a day's pay to go, look, and walk through city owned woods).

    If they had $1 billion to spend on new RI motorways, they could surely have come up with $50K, or Lahood would toss them this scrap for students' sake. Then, again, dark wooded paths would probably attract stalkers.