Swansea/Somerset/Warren Interstate Bike Ride, October 15th



Swansea/Somerset/Warren Interstate Bike Ride, October 15th

In continuing to raise awareness for the planned South Coast Bikeway, SRPEDD will be hosting a bike ride through Swansea, Somerset and Warren on Saturday, October 15th at 10am.  The ride is approximately 23 miles long and will begin and end at the Hugh Cole School at 50 Aslyum Road in Warren, with a break and refreshments at Pierce Playground in Somerset.  The route will take advantage of the newly constructed Warren Bike Path as well as the Swansea Bike Path and bike lane network.  The overall route will mirror a segment of the South Coast Bikeway and also the southern end of the Taunton River Trail in Somerset, another regional bikeway planned in SRPEDD’s Southeastern Massachusetts Bicycle Plan.


This ride is free of charge and details can be found at the Southeastern New England Bikeways site.


Any questions please feel free to contact Adam Recchia:

Adam Recchia

Principal Transportation Planner