2011 Annual Meeting – July 11th @ 6pm



2011 Annual Meeting – July 11th @ 6pm

Our first annual meeting as the Rhode Island Bicycle Coalition will be held on July 11th @ 6pm in the Brown University Bookstore public meeting room.  Please save the date.  If you can only make one meeting this year, this is the one!

The first order of business during this meeting will be to elect our corporate officers, including: Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary.  Being an officer in the organization provides an excellent way to make a huge impact on the organization.  If you would be interested in holding one of these positions or would like to submit someone’s name for one of these positions, please email me.  I’ll be creating a slate of potential officers and post this list prior to the actual meeting.

As with all of our monthly meetings, this one is open to anyone interested in Rhode Island cycling.

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  • Labann
    Jun 22, 2011 at 7:30 am

    Thought "slate of officer" was a typo, but there might only be one after all.

    Spent all of yesterday doing my annual "Round the Bay" excursion. This entails racing down to No. Kingstown for a 9:00 or 9:35 AM bus (#64, which departs earlier than scheduled) over to Newport's Gateway Center, skulking about on badly kept downtown pavement (cobblestones are evil), taking in mansions and shoreline views, and wending up horrific shoulder-less RI-138 (East Main Road). Sorry to see how degraded pavement on Middle Road in Portsmouth has become. Caught a break at the Mt. Hope Bridge; they're concreting road bed, which stopped traffic alternately in one direction, and thereby made crossing easier. Maybe I was the only one grateful for the ruckus. Kept hearing a high pitched screech; thought it was a truck backing up. Turns out, a pair of nesting peregrine falcons were making their displeasure heard. Cool to see them hovering and swooping; flag lady was cursing and waving at them futilely. Nature will reclaim everything man constructs.

    EBBP is in good shape, but they still need a traffic light at the Warren Crossroads. Motorists are completely ignorant that many cyclists are crossing. Was nearly hit by an aggressive driver leaving town parking lot, then speeder coming in opposite direction. Those 2 crossroads are so closely parallel and tight, each ought to be one-way in opposite directions.