New TIP under development!



New TIP under development!

The process for developing the next 4 year Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) is starting despite uncertainties about total funding, or even if bike related programs will survive in the Federal law in light of the anti-environment atmosphere in the GOP that now runs the US House of Repreentatives.

What’s in it for the bike program?
First there is a question about finding funding to complete the Blackstone Bikeway, already approved for construction in the current TIP. There is a similar situation with regard to Jamestown Bridge bike access, bike routes in Warwick and East Greenwich, and East Bay path repairs. There is also uncerainty about the future, if any, of bike projects in “study and development” which means no commitment to build. These include bikeways proposed in the northwest, in Tiverton, Jamestown, Charlestown, the Hope Spur in W Warwick/Coventry, and along the Pontiac branch in Cranston. Propsoals for any bike path along the Seekonk River or Wickford Jct to Wickford, on Aquidneck Island, are not even in study/development.

With so many expensive highway/bridge repairs needed, it is not clear what will be left for cities and towns for local road projects. Some of us are hoping for a program whereby localities can implement small scale innovative inexpensive projects that promote mobility, especially for bikes/pedestrians.

Stay tuned.


  • Labann
    Sep 3, 2011 at 12:47 pm

    Never mind 4 years from now. What about a petition now to put bike lanes on Broadway (Rt 6) in Providence, between Olneyville and Lasalle Square. IT IS BEING RESURFACED, so striping will occur soon.

    I can see it now… parking, turning lanes, whatever… but no bike lanes. Cicciline's in Congress. Promises meant nothing.

  • msmoritz
    Sep 6, 2011 at 9:33 am

    According to a contact in the department of planning, the bike lanes that have been planned for Broadway are still going to go in as part of the current repaving project.

    Still working on a confirmation of that from DPW and a date of installation/completion.

  • Labann
    Sep 6, 2011 at 12:21 pm

    Nowhere else in the city with construction slated for bike lanes complete did they, in fact, materialize: Allen's Ave below I-way, Elmwood Avenue, Reservoir Ave. No, they put in "turning lanes", totally ignored bicyclists, such as Pettys Ave's 7 curb-to-curb speed bumps and scores of parking bump-outs on Fruit Hill, Hope Street, etc., or widened travel lanes by removing shoulders. These bump-outs are stylish, but intentions to regulate traffic speed are done by forcing non-motorists into the middle of the travel lane, so cyclists and pedestrians are the actual "bump-out".

  • msmoritz
    Sep 7, 2011 at 6:51 am

    Not sure what you mean about Allens Ave. Last I checked, there's a debris filled bike lane from the Hurricane Barrier to the city line, and extends onto Narragansett Parkway.

    I hadn't heard any updates on the Elmwood repave recently, but will check into it. Last I was involved it was still getting design work for how to accommodate a bike lane as well as safer pedestrian crossings because that's what the neighborhood residents wanted. I don't ride over there, has that repaving project already been completed?

    As I understand it curb bumpouts (also called neckdowns) are installed for 3 reasons. 1) to give pedestrians are shorter 'on road" crossing space, 2) Protect sight lines by restricting the ability to park out to the curb 3) "narrow the roadway" to reduce the "wide street, fast street" psychology. From what I've heard, they are more effective at speed control than speed bumps. How else would you propose to reduce autos to safe/acceptable traffic speeds if you object to neckdowns and speed bumps?

  • Labann
    Sep 7, 2011 at 11:47 am

    Allens used to have a bike lane from Point St to Hurricane Barrier.

    "Neckdowns"… good name, as in, paralyzed from the neck down after being run down. I don't know what studies you're reading, but I've read others that say such things actually increase accidents. More room (gore areas, places to pull over, shoulders) enables defensive driving, which I passed and practiced with my certified drivers licenses (CDL school bus, taxi, truck).

    Easy answer: SUSPEND LICENSE for repeated offenses or speeding in a hospital/school/safety zone. Getting idiots off roads makes it easier and safer for law abiders, AND saves money on infrastructure adaptations.

    Recent local 3-year-old in news run down by motorists with revoked license. Driving without a license should equal mandatory jail sentence.

  • Labann
    Sep 7, 2011 at 12:22 pm

    While we're on the topic, I-way construction did absolutely nothing to improve bike-net, which is criminal, violates federal and state law. Considering they spent already something like $750 million with no end in sight, the least they could have done was make a bike bridge between Allens Ave and India Point over the Hurricane Barrier to parallel I-Way. Instead, they flowed more traffic over Point Street Bridge, something of a net loss for bicycling.

    Supposedly, there is a bike lane planned for the intersection of Benefit and Wickenden. Whoop. Wasn't a problem before.