An evening with Give A Bike: 50 State Tour



An evening with Give A Bike: 50 State Tour

Adam and Christy Coppola have set out to challenge themselves by cycling in all 50 states in one year.  Setting out from San Diego back in January, they have completed nearly 5,000 miles, and visited 25 states before arriving in Rhode Island.  They anticipate being the first people to ride in all 50 states in one calendar year, and to log over 14,000 miles in the endeavor.

Their mission, “Spreading Health and Happiness through the gift of a bike” is accomplished by raising money for World Bicycle Relief and Achilles International to provide bicycles and hand-cycles in developing nations and for injured veterans.

On Thursday, May 12th at 6:30 PM join Adam and Christy for a free talk about their trip, their experience, photography and the challenges and rewards of such a large undertaking at McFadden’s, 52 Pine Street, Providence.

For more information, check out the Full Event Flyer and the the Give A Bike site.  Especially worth checking out some of the photographs and videos that are posted to their website, showing the exuberance that bicycle travel brings on.