Road Diet planned for Quaker Lane



Road Diet planned for Quaker Lane

Reported on North Kingstown Patch that Quaker Lane will be reduced from 4 lanes to 2 in the section between Ten Rod Road and exit 6 from Route 4.   Charles St. Martin of RIDOT indicates that this will allow the road to be more bike friendly by reducing speeds and providing wider shoulders.

“We’ve done it with other roads where the traffic volume doesn’t really warrant four lanes,” said St. Martin. He said since the construction of Route 4, commuters no longer use Quaker Lane as an access to the lower half of South County. The reduction in lines would reduce speeds, widen shoulders and become more bike friendly, said St. Martin.

The 2 mile segment parallels Route 4 and, according to the original article, is one of the roads in the worst shape in North Kingstown after the most recent winter.

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  • Labann
    Apr 29, 2011 at 6:38 pm

    Rode that segment many times. Grim, but not so much traffic anymore; more use Rt-4. Of course, few cyclists want to go from Park-n-Lock to Wickford Rotary, but why grouse about infrastructure improvements? Would be more welcome if they extended it the full distance from Frenchtown Rd.

    There is already an alternative: Old Baptist runs parallel, and Davisville Rd takes you to Frenchtown Rd. Rt 2 North of Frenchtown Rd is okay until Division St. Or you can take School St to Rt-1, about the only way left to cross Warwick.

    The same should have been done with Greenwich Avenue between Apponaug and East Main, as promised by RIDOT. Never happened. Typical, they'll tease you something to whet your appetite but fall short of anything theat might represent an element in a continuous statewide bikenet. It's only paint on pavement, after all. Accommodating cyclists is much cheaper than motor vehicles.

    Projo just announced AIPC's eventual plan for Aquidneck to include a bikeway alongside Burma Rd. What's the point? Cyclists safely use road shoulder itself. Better would be a connection from Mount Hope Bridge to Burma Rd along Bay, or a more direct connection to JTO Connell Hwy and Towne Center, where you have to go to catch rack-n-ride across bridges to North Kingstown. Naval base may be in the way, but side streets just to East could be made to connect between Greene and Coddington Hwy.

    In Lincoln today, stopped by the Wilbur Avenue Bridge rebuilding project. They say they're on schedule to reopen in August. This bridge is an important crossing of RI-146 to Lime Rock (Great Road). Otherwise, you have to climb a tall hill on Louisquisset Pike to RI-116, then blindly fight narrowed lanes on 116's underpass. The 116/146 interchange is just another of the huge impediments to cycling scattered liberally throughout state (Apponaug, Greene airport, Hoxie, and so forth).