Providence Core Connector Survey



Providence Core Connector Survey


Source: With the meeting on April 25 to discuss the next step in the Providence Core Connector Study, the group is asking for public input via a survey, available until May 13th.

The survey is about 12 questions long, asking about work and home locations and commute methods into the Core Connector Study area from those places.  The study is confidential, though it does allow you to join the email list and provide free form comments after completing the survey.

From Martina Haggerty in the Providence Planning department:

What is the Core Connector Study?

In 2009, RIPTA and the City of Providence completed the Metropolitan Providence Transit Enhancement Study, with 10 recommendations to improve the network of transit services in the metropolitan area. With new transit services, the city and surrounding area can realize a range of potential mobility, livability, development, and health benefits.


Now, Providence and RIPTA are partnering to evaluate one of these proposals in more detail. The Providence Core Connector Study examines the feasibility, cost, and benefits of improving central transit (through either a streetcar system or an enhanced bus system) while connecting the College Hill, Downcity, and Upper South Providence neighborhoods. Our goal? Connecting the educational, medical, employment, and cultural destinations in this corridor with the central bus hub in Kennedy Plaza and rail services at the Providence Amtrak station. For more information on the study please visit .