Running on Empty



Running on Empty

Ever wonder what our streets would look like without cars?  Ross Ching recently released a video with some time lapse magic to show what the streets of LA would be like without any cars.

Running on Empty from Ross Ching on Vimeo.

Is anyone else simply appalled by the vast infrastructure dedicated to the personal automobile? Imagine what our cities could look like if people relied on walking, biking, and public transit to get around.

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  • Labann
    Apr 4, 2011 at 10:28 am

    Not exactly. With no cars, debris, sand, and vegetation quickly appear. Pavement erodes in repeated floods/freezes/thaws/storms. After all, asphalt is a by-product of petroleum use. Streets are an on-going, unsustainable process that temporarily pushes back sloppy nature into inky bogs. Town crews must constantly cut brush and fell trees that encroach. Typically, video can't imagine the throngs of cyclists, as if Beijing, who would self propel, since they still have to go to market or work.

    I've ridden my bike on abandoned roads after several years… almost no more than a wide path through woods. A good example is Old Scituate Avenue angling to Gainer Dam between Rts 12 and 116 in the former hamlet of Kent; after only 10 years, it's almost impassable. Forest begins to close in, spreads its roots to buckle thin veneer of blacktop. Wildlife noses about. You can hardly see cemetery there.