Sakonnet Bridge Construction Delayed



Sakonnet Bridge Construction Delayed

Source:’m not sure how we missed this one.  Construction on the new Sakonnet Bridge, the one which will have a muli-use path that will fnally let cyclists and pedestrians pass between Portsmouth and Tiverton, has been delayed.  According to an article in the Projo,

The state stopped work months ago on key structural elements of the new Sakonnet River Bridge because of fear that partially submerged concrete forms might slide toward the river bottom, injuring workers and damaging the project.

Certainly sounds like a serious problem to this untrained reader… thinking bridge is already sinking.  At least the cost of the delay is being covered by the contractor!  Who knows what impact this will have on the ultimate timeframe.

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  • Cyclist
    Jul 6, 2013 at 10:23 am

    Nice to hear how they are beginning to address replacing Wheeler Bridge in Rehoboth, which was always frequented by cyclists before it closed in floods a few years back.