EU proposal: ban cars from cities by 2050



EU proposal: ban cars from cities by 2050

Source: Imagine how quickly civil war would erupt in the USA if such a notion were seriously considered by Congress.


  • Victor
    Mar 29, 2011 at 7:21 am

    Cars cause so much destruction. We become anti social assholes, get lazy, and pollute the enviornment.

    We should ban cars.

  • Labann
    Apr 2, 2011 at 1:54 pm

    There are many European and South American cities that somehow restrict private vehicle use (Athens comes to mind). Not so many carfree cities, but still several dozen, mostly very old heritage sites with alleys so narrow they can't fit cars. At first, Bogata's mayor received death threats, but crime plummeted and residents cheered. America is just the opposite, with 25-40% of roads banning cycling and walking and towns that actually ban cycling. For example, Edgartown, MA requires cyclists to leave their bikes in a lot on the edge of the town center; I didn't, however, and spent no money there either. Criminals and retailers love cars… fast getaways.

    Bicyclists are whipped. Parked in the plaza at Hope Valley exit to take a ride. Noticed no Victory Cycle there anymore (Hopkins now work for Providence Bicycle, thankfully) but there is a Cycle World devoted to motor sports… the kind that kill children. Better they ride bikes on bike paths, although they shouldn't be confine to them.

    Interesting to compare the 400 collected O'Neil path incidents NIMBYs are hanging over planners heads, by type, with other crime statistics in RI. Probably find that in some communities you are statistically more at risk staying home, what with domestic abuse and home invasions.

    Bicyclists will remain road raging lunatics easily marginalized until they organize against Big Oil, who really don't care, because they're busy turning Chinese into automotive junkies.

  • Dennis
    Apr 14, 2011 at 3:53 pm

    Just as an exercise, let's think this one out.

    What would it take to ban cars in Providence by 2050? What are the milestones? Sure, folks are going to respond by saying that it could never happen. People would never stand for it. The very idea is crazy.

    What would have to happen and what systems would have to be in place to make an American city car-free?