Rebuilding the “White Church” Bridge



Rebuilding the “White Church” Bridge

Source:,r:15,s:0&tx=103&ty=30According to an article in the Barrington Patch, the “White Church” bridge is scheduled to be replaced in less than three years.  For those who have ridden over this bridge sometime in the past, say five years, it’s certainly one that could use some help.  One point I find particular interesting is:

The design life of the new three-lane bridge is 75 years

Does this mean they are putting in bike lanes?  The road leading up to the bridge is only two lanes, what else could they be putting a three lane bridge in for 😉


  • Jesse Hansen
    Mar 15, 2011 at 11:57 pm

    It's a happy thought, but I suspect they are extending the westbound right-turn lane across the bridge. The patch article has two videos, the second of which, if you can pause it, shows the "Bridge General Plan". I think I'm seeing right-turn arrows in that lane.

  • Labann
    Apr 26, 2011 at 1:54 pm

    Totally fed up with these "turn lanes" illegally encroaching on bike, emergency, and walk space. County, Massasoit and New Meadow are all bike unfriendly, which is sad and unsafe considering their proximity to EBBP.

    Just because there's a bit of pavement doesn't mean they originally planned to let motorists – only one of many users – claim and drive. There are many examples of paved space not designed for driving freely through: crosswalks, gore areas, lane splits, parking spaces, sidewalks.

    If they making the bridge wider using federal funding, send letters to FHWA, LaHood, and USDOT to ensure bike-ped facilities are included. Mr. Fish shouldn't care, since he's paid whether or not RIDOT does anything. They can't be bothered filling potholes on state roads, because big budget projects get all their attention. How about slapping RIDOT with a court injunction?